Facebook marketing tips you must use while planning your next campaign

Facebook marketing has totally transformed the way small businesses can market their services and goods. The game-changing platform enables you to reach hundreds of thousands – even millions of individuals, for a cost that fits your needs and budget.

Indeed, making a Facebook marketing campaign could be stressing. While there are many attentions to go around on Facebook, the competition for the valuable attention and time for your prospect is fierce. That’s the reason why a marketer should pay attention to how they treat their Facebook presence. Often, it’s the more delicate aspects of your page setup or content strategy, which could make the most difference when we talk about performance.

We have outlined Facebook marketing tips, which are fair game for nearly any brand searching for more love from current fans and new followers alike.

Audience Insights

In case you didn’t know yet, audience insight offers you information about your Facebook users. It enables you to choose an audience, and the pages present your demographics like profession, level of education, gender, and age.

Those details can prove effective for uncovering the hobbies and interest of your target audience. Therefore, you’ll have a better idea of what topics and sort of content your audience find interesting.


Not all people are aware of this. However, there’s such thing as the perfect time when posting updates than simply dropping content on your page. How can you do that?

Through your Page Insights screen, you can get the details on the best times to post. You can access this by clicking on the “Insights” tab on top of your business page. The screen highlights what you need to know about timing your posts:

  • Details on which of your posts is building the most engagement
  • How well a specific piece of content does within the day
  • The time when the majority of Facebook followers are online

Facebook Page Insights

Updating your Facebook regularly is only half of the battle. You see, the other half is all about tracking your metrics to find out trends in engagement, so they know exactly what you’re doing. The ideal tool for this is the internal analytics tool of Facebook referred to like the Facebook Page Insights.

Page Insight offers users with a clear picture of how the business page was doing throughout the week. It presents details about shares, comments, engagement, post reach as well as the number of page likes and unlikes.

Posting Videos

According to Forbes, users watch more than 500 million hours of video on Facebook regularly. What’s more, the platform is also adjusting how their algorithm identifies individual interest with videos, which users are watching.

User-Generated Content

When it comes to Facebook marketing, you don’t need to make your content always. You could share content made by your audience too. That will not just save you effort and time, but it will help support your brand. You make your users feel valued that they’re contributing to your cause.

You can ask your users to share images of their experience along with your service or item. You could also share some posts on the community page every time your followers and fans mentions your business.

Optimizing Posts

Bear in mind that the Facebook Newsfeed is a crowded place for businesses to promote any marketing. Now here’s what you can do. If the goal of your social media update is to share the link, you need to guarantee that you remove the link URL from the post.

Past the link and give the platform a few seconds to capture the about the first paragraph, title, and image. Then, you can remove the URL before you post it. That will help you make your Facebook post look less messy.

“Balanced” Content

Do you find it hard to combine your content and engage your audience at the same time? Don’t worry because you could always begin with the 70-20-10 habit. Here’s how it works: publish original content 70% of the time; post relevant content to the interest of your audience 20% of the time, and make self-promotional content 10% of the time. Doing this will lead you to know the solution to preventing a bored audience.

Check out Facebook stories guide written by Oberlo to find out how to create effective Facebook content.

Call to Action Button

The CTA button does and says depend on how you make it. You can connect those buttons to your landing page, a video you wish to advertise, a contact form or an opt-in page. That will all vary on what you’re seeking to obtain with your business page.

Modifying your Facebook marketing doesn’t need a complete overhaul of your page. Most of these tips could be done sooner rather than later for companies planning to enhance their Facebook presence.

So now, which of these tips would you look to implement first? Do you have any pointers that we might have missed in this post? Let us know in the comments below!

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