Facebook Photos Tips and Tricks

Facebook has emerged from just a social networking site to a full photo sharing platform akin to Flickr and Picasa. Today, more photos are uploaded everyday  on Facebook than on Picasa and Flickr so let us have fun with some of them!

Trick 1: Switch to Classic View of Photo Viewer

You must’ve noticed that the Facebook photo viewer underwent interface revamp sometime ago. To use the old viewer, follow these tips.

1st way out: Make a right-click on your Facebook wall image and select ‘Open Image in New Tab’. The image will open with classic view.

2nd way out: Open the image by simply clicking on it. Now in the url field, at the end you will find ‘&theater’. Just remove the text and reload the image to get the classic view

Trick 2: Edit Thumbnail of Profile Picture

Sometimes when large images are uploaded as profile pictures, only the non-essential part becomes the thumbnail, not your face or something else. To change it, go to your timeline and hover the mouse over your profile picture. Click on Edit Profile Picture and From the drop-down select Edit Thumbnail. Now you can change the way thumbnail of your profile picture looks. Once it is done, save changes.

Trick 3: Create your own Timeline covers

First way out: Follow this link to open the Timeline cover maker application. Works just fine!

Second way out: If you’re more ambitious, open Photoshop or any other editor (eg Paint.NET or GIMP) and create an image of the size 851 x 315. Do the creative work, save the image and upload it! Check out mine!

Hope you like the tricks and find them useful!

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