List of New Features of Siri Shortcuts App (iOS 12)

Features of Siri Shortcuts App (iOS 12)

Now that we have iOS 12 up and running on our devices (iPhones and iPads), let’s take a closer look Features of Siri Shortcuts App for iPhone and iPad. The app is designed to bring about a rapid paradigm shift in the way the iPhone/iPad users use Siri to get their job done. The app lets you create and run your own shortcuts and workflows. For instance, you can turn on a podcast or send a message with your voice by simply adding it to Siri with a tap.

List of Features in Siri Shortcuts App (iOS 12)

Shortcuts include over 300 built-in actions. It works with native apps including Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Safari, Health. Any app can now work with it if it supports  Siri Shortcuts.

Besides, new actions are now available from apps that support Siri Shortcuts. For example, Siri now suggests actions to add shortcuts based on your routines and recent app usage.

There are also new Send and request payments actions visible in Apple Pay. If you would like to put out something on an image, annotate a PDF file, add some text or sign a document there’s shortcut action supported for the new Markup action.

Likewise, you can easily share photos to iCloud with the ‘Share with Shared Albums’ action, add a home screen icon that calls a loved one or creates lively animated GIFs.

Note: All the older Workflows, will be replaced by Shortcuts

New & Updated Features of Siri Shortcuts App (iOS 12)

  • You can change your system settings with new actions like Set Wi-Fi, Set Low Power Mode, and Set Do Not Disturb.
  • You can also run custom scripts in Safari. It uses the new Run JavaScript on Web Page action.
  • Siri can speak about the result of any action.
  • You can also send and request payments with your favorite apps if they support Siri actions.
  • Tap into your Home scenes with the new Run Home Scene action.
  • You can also edit documents with the new Markup action.
  • If you use the Dictate option, it can now automatically stops listening when you stop talking.
  • Set Brightness and Set Flashlight now work from the widget and with Siri.
  • Change Case has a new “alternating case” option.

Lastly, there’s a new updated clean design that you can enjoy. If you would like to know more about the features of iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts App for iPhone and iPad including comprehensive steps for creating and using them, in the Shortcuts User Guide.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. You can launch Shortcuts by invoking Siri or from Search or from the Today widget.

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