Five Best-Selling Electric Cars in 2021

2021 has reshaped how many people view electric vehicles. The electric car models are no longer novices, and “limited vehicle range,” “Glacial Recharge Periods,” is no longer an issue for many users. The year 2021 has increased both the hype for electric cars, value and cost equation. It has become trendy to own and drive an EV, similar to the burgeoning True Blue casinos trends worldwide. Continuous technology change is also a significant determinant of EVs’ increasing popularity, especially with the enhancements seen in battery and charging vehicle setups. 

Other factors contributing to increased EV sales include more extended vehicle range, instituted charging stations, and better value attached. 

Here are the best-selling EVs in 2021.

  • Tesla Model 3 (365,000 units)
  • Tesla Model Y (80,000 Units)
  • Hyundai Kona Electric (65,000 units)
  • Nissan Leaf (56,000 units)
  • Audi e-Tron (48,000 units)

Tesla Model 3 (365,000 units)

Tesla continues to hold the title for the “Leading Electrical Vehicle Brand” worldwide after the Tesla Model 3 sold over 365,000 units as of 2020, according to Statista. In addition, the Tesla Model 3 plug-in EV sales increased by almost 90% in 2020 after the Tesla Model 3 in 2019. “Tesla” isn’t a newbie in the market and has tried its luck with a Model S Sedan back in 2015. However, the brand wasn’t as successful as the Tesla Model 3 but provided a learning environment. 

From the Sedan, EV rose a more compact but luxurious EV at a medium price. The vehicle interior is more familial, and the exterior is simple but elegant. The all-glass roof gives a modern or contemporary feel while remaining stylish. Plus, the improved range going up to 353 miles may be the reason for the hike in sales. You can get the EV at an affordable price, just below $40,000. If not interested in the Model 3, several electric vehicles are made from the same manufacturer to choose from, including the Tesla Model Y. 

Tesla Model Y (80,000 Units)

Another Tesla Model Y EV sold over 80,000 units, according to Statista in a report published back in August 2021. The vehicle shares similar traits to the Model 3 but has a lower driving range and performance level, which is not only disappointing but discouraging for many. However, the Model Y has a more extensive “Footprint” regarding its power and style. As a result, the EV has more appeal for individuals looking for a smooth/flawless ride to town. If looking for something more significant and with more room, the Model Y is the right choice. 

One of the best highlights for the vehicle is an additional row for passengers. You can now bring friends along to work in your small and compact EV. However, the compact feature disappears with the increase in storage space of around 68 cubic feet. Plus, every EV boasts of quality entertainment and driving assistance. The Model Y has the most advanced tech driving assistant and fun activities. However, the roofline can be a little low for passengers travelling in the third row. The last feature shouldn’t keep you from enjoying another best-seller by Tesla. 

Hyundai Kona Electric (65,000 units)

Hyundai Kona EV had an array of “EV Fans” following every step of production after its launch in 2018. The main feature was its spunky appearance and the most advanced driving demeanour witnessed in the industry of those times. Statista reports that the Hyundai Kona has sold over 65,000 units since its launch worldwide. It is an impressive number considering that the EV has a driving range of 258 miles compared to the Tesla Models 3 and Y range of 358 and 316 miles, respectively. 

What makes it a best-seller is the ten-year warranty offered by the company. It is the most extended warranty period on offer. In addition to a power battery pack and a legacy to uphold, the Kona presents a technological future yet to be realized. However, it does have several other positive marks, including the launch of more EVs by Hyundai. However, according to Forbes Wheels, the purchase price goes a little higher to around $46,540. 

Nissan Leaf (56,000 units)

It may be the best-selling EV with around 56,000 units sold, according to Statista as of August of 2021. The EV set the Market for EVs as it is the earliest release and electric vehicle design. Nissan Leaf first featured in the United States electric vehicle market back in 2011. However, the EV has less than desirable features compared to some of the recently released EVs. Nissan Leaf offers 149 miles, while more recent launches offer above 300 miles. The EV utilizes a regular or standard battery pack. 

Nissan Leaf has a newer design set to enter the market in 2022. The highs of the EV will be an increase in range to 226 miles, more room or storage spaces, better and more autonomous driving, and lively acceleration. But, reviewers indicate that the vehicle will only be helpful for individuals who don’t plan to go far away from their homes. 

Audi e-Tron (48,000 units)

The Audi e-Tron is the first electric vehicle to undergo “Mass Production.” Audi e-Tron is a luxurious package ranging from its interior and exterior appearance. It’s perfect for individuals desiring a flashy yet elegant electric vehicle. The handsome interiors feature wood and leather with electrified entertainment systems and a dashboard full of high-resolution displays or monitors. The features form a cluster that manufacturers nicknamed the “Virtual Cockpit,” adding to the flashy and luxurious feel. Plus, you can bring four more people with you, making it perfect for a family day out.

Driving power is from two electric motors, one on the back while the other is in front. The highlights include a launch to 60mph in speed in 5.5 seconds. The vehicle can charge fast and cover 54 miles in range after 10 minutes in a plug station. On a full charge, you can go for 222 miles. However, it has a charging time limit of 9 hours if using a 240-volt plug-in or conventional charging system. However, if using a 150kW fast charger, you only need an hour for a full charge. 


There is no specific form to follow when ranking electric vehicles as of now. The market is still new and forming a niche. However, it does represent the best of mechanical advancements and technological growth in the world. Therefore, some of the best-selling incorporate advanced technologies and mechanics, have wide ranges in driving power, and are a roomy plus, appealing to the eye. You can get a Tesla Model 3 with the most sold units or a Nissan Leaf, which launched earliest, back in 2011, or go for Audi e-Tron and enjoy the luxuries it has to provide! Take your pick!