Five Cases When Having a Good Firewall Is Not Good Enough

Have you or someone you know recently decided to attempt to become more tech-savvy, and you are looking for some information to help you keep your data safe while online? Maybe you have had issues with security online in the past, and you want to make sure that you do not experience any complications in the future?

Perhaps you are just now beginning to get involved with various online work, and you need to make sure without a doubt that you are safe and protected? If any of this sounds familiar, then be sure to continue reading in order to learn some useful facts. This article will touch on a couple of the different things that you might be doing online that could potentially require you to look into advanced security functions online. 

Web Development

Are you the type of person who works in web development, and frequently uses the internet in order to work and develop your apps, networks, or other technology? If you are, then there is a good chance you already have a basic understanding of how a firewall works, and what its function should be. You will also be aware that firewalls are not always a failsafe when it comes to internet security, and there are always ways to work around them. For this reason, it is incredibly important that you take some extra measures in order to ensure that your workspace and websites are safe from hackers. 

Mobile Device

Until the last decade, it was somewhat uncommon to see people using mobile devices all the time in everyday life. Now that technology has developed and society has embraced new innovations, it is much more common for people to use mobile devices in public spaces and at home. This means that there are more opportunities for hackers to exploit security breaches in a firewall and steal your data. Mobile devices can be particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks, so it is important that you take the appropriate precautions when using your mobile device online.

Sensitive Work

One of the biggest risks you can run when using the internet is if you are tasked with handling sensitive information for your job and you do not have any additional security besides a firewall. This could potentially result in your sensitive work data becoming compromised in some cases.

Sensitive information could be any number of things, such as patents, government communications, or financial information of clients or businesses. Furthermore, internet security gurus talk about how you can potentially expose sensitive information when using the internet, and a couple of simple ways to prevent your data from becoming compromised online. You do not need to be a hacker yourself in order to use the internet safely at all times. 


Even if you have a great firewall protecting your device or server, it can still be tricky to always stay safe online when using certain services. Almost everyone uses an email service nowadays in order to communicate with their friends, family, employees, clients, and coworkers. Email spam is particularly insidious nowadays, and can often try and replicate messages from your government, bank, or even your contacts list. Always be sure to never click links that you receive from suspicious email accounts since it can instantly expose your device or email account to a cyber attack. 


It has become incredibly common in recent years to do most or all of your banking online. This can be accomplished by using a banking app on your device or logging directly into the bank’s website. You should always be sure to double-check that you are on your bank’s actual website before logging in to your account. Never click external links that are supposed to send you to your bank website, since there is always a chance that it is a phishing scam.

After reading through the different information provided previously, the hope is that you have found some useful facts about some cases when having a good firewall is not enough to meet your security requirements when online. If you want to use the internet regularly in order to work from home or just for everyday use, then you will probably want to look into some different security measures.

With hackers constantly getting more innovative in order to work around things like firewalls, it is incredibly important to make sure that you are constantly updating and testing your security systems. The second you start to slip up or reduce the amount of care you put into your internet security you can expect to encounter some kind of issues. Make sure you are doing everything in your power to always stay safe online. 

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