Five Easy ways to Access Blocked Websites

access blocked websites

Many social websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. denied access to offices, educational institutions, schools, and colleges. And there is a reason for that too – as these have been proven to be real time-wasters at times! But here are some tips you can follow to break this barrier access blocked websites.

One of the many options to access is using proxies. But Proxies always doesn’t work as most of them get blocked by the Firewall. Here are some of the best five tips and tricks to have access to blocked websites.

Five ways to access blocked websites

Use VPN or Proxy Connections

Using a VPN is one of the safest and easiest methods to access blocked websites in your country. The VPN networks create a tunnel between the client system and the server. It will encrypt the data during the transaction, so the ISPs and government organizations could not track your details. Also, your location will not be visible. Check this great reference about VPN benefits for you to have more ideas.

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Another method is to use proxy networks. It just spoofs your IP address and tricks the ISP that the request is coming from some other country. This is less secure, but you can access any website easily.

Change ISP DNS

Your Internet Service Provider will have a default DNS server that contains the domain list. In most cases, the ISPs will not list the blocked or banned websites. So, it is highly recommended to change the default DNS on your PC or mobile to Google DNS address: &

Change default DNS

Use of Search Engine’s Cache

If you are unaware of what cache is, then Cache is a small fast memory in which most recent accessed pages place themselves for faster processing. All the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. store cached pages of websites that users already accessed. You can have access to the blocked sites by searching a cached copy of them onto the search engines.

The Geeks Club Cache

Use of IP addresses instead of URLs

Every site has its corresponding IP address along with its URL name. In most of the places, the sites have banned by means of listing URLs for the sites. But you can very well use IP addresses to access the blocked site’s contents. Take a snap at this if you want to access a site for example You can use the IP address instead of the name. The is a site that provides all the IP addresses of various sites. But we cannot assure you the access every time, as most if the CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) blocks direct access using IP.

Visit using IP Address

Disguise via proxy

The service allows you to visit any website online anonymously. There will not be a single record about your PC on the website server or the ISP database. You can choose various options regarding the proxy IP country and security while visiting using hide me.

Hide Me Proxy

Please do share if you have more ideas to access blocked websites.

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