Five Free Pedometer apps for Android

Free Pedometer apps for Android

The actual pedometers have become an extraneous thing after the arrival of smartphones with an abundant amount of useful sensors embedded. Everybody loves walking, both for joy and maintaining the homeostat. What if you could make a track of it and keep walking in a harmonic amount of steps daily? Well, there are plenty of apps or tools available on Android smartphones which lets you “watch your steps” forever. These free pedometer apps for Android not only make a record of steps count but also keeps the path you walked on GPS, and your body healthy. So if you are in diet and walking to lose weight, then you can make daily health records after each walk session with these apps.

Top Five Free Pedometer apps for Android

  1. Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App
  2. Fitbit
  3. Accupedo
  4. Moves
  5. Runtastic

1] Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App

This Pedometer app is developed by Pacer Health, which runs ads and offers in-app purchases. The developers provide 24/7 tracking of your steps by using only a lesser amount of battery. The app does not have a sign-in option, so the data regarding our activities will be stored on the device and cannot sync across smartphones. However, they provide an online forum/community for “healthy” discussions.

Step counting app

You can set goals and maintain your daily activities for achieving them. The Outdoor fitness activity is tracked using GPS and will show you the accurate map of your walking history based on locations.


2] Fitbit

You might have heard about the Fitbit health-tracking gadgets and wristbands. The Fitbit app for Android is designed explicitly for those who use the Fitbit bands, but they made it available for any user natively install on their smartphones and track the daily exercise/activities/steps without having the gadget. One of the best features is that this app never shows any ads on your smartphone, and does not compel for in-app purchases.

Fitbit App

Fitbit for Android comes with many options including the “Trainer,” community support and dashboard to make a summary of your exercises. It also shows you how much calories can burn (or burned) during a course. It is available for free in Google Play Store.


3] Pedometer – Accupedo

Accupedo comes with a 3D motion recognition algorithm to contrast other regular activities with walking. It ensures accurate tracking even while the smartphone is locked. Support for Google Fit and the Sync with MyFitnessPal are few of the features that help you sync your activity tracking with the Google account and other activity tacking platforms. You can compare the daily events, as well as between a specific period using the graphs.

Step counting app

One thing that makes Accupedo unique is its highly customizable widget support. You can add available widgets to the home screen and establish a track record of all your activities including walking without opening the app natively. You also choose to receive a daily email regarding activity details of the day.


4] Moves

If you are the minimalist who needs a minimal tracking app, then the Mocves if for you. The internet giant Facebook has acquired the app lately. It automatically tracks your steps whether you are walking, cycling or in a marathon. It does not send any data to the third-party server by default. But you can choose them later, to sync the data. The GPS tracking makes the record of your visited locations (as a pedestrian) and will recognize the place if you have visited once.

Step counting app

From the developer’s note, Samsung Note II does not run the app accurately in the background.


5] Runtastic Steps – Step Counter & Pedometer

Runtastic is an ad-free pedometer as well as health tracker app. It is enriched with many options. It gives you the record of how much steps you walked, calories burned, activities necessary to meet the goals, etc.

Further, you can integrate with Google Fit to sync your data across platforms. You can set goals, work on activities o a daily basis. The Overview options give you the walking summary of a day, a month or a year depicted by graph/pie chart.

Free Pedometer apps for Android

Extra Features:

  • 30-Day Activity Boost: A 30day regular activity session which helps you in quick boosting the health.
  • Step It Up: It integrates the tracking of your steps along with the “active time” for several weeks. The Active Time tracks the time you have been active continuously during a walk-session.
  • Walking for Weight Loss: Set a weight goal to achieve, and then you can burn calories with your daily exercise, within just 12 weeks.


In case you are unaware, Android’s owner Google provide an app which runs without any hassle on Android smartphones, named Google Fit. But in this article, we are focusing on other third-party and free Pedometer apps for Android that comes with much better and beautiful features. Check out these top five apps that you can choose for using your smartphone as a pedometer.

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