Five Tools to Create Mesmerizing Instagram Promo Posts

Nothing beats Instagram on content presentation of videos and photos. Of all social media channels, Instagram is the best place to post your videos or photos, as this is their main specialty. Effective communication of your message to your target audience will be pegged on the creation of posts with stunning visuals. And you can do it easily by following this link to free video maker software. You can captivate your audience with creative animations, colorful graphics, and quality content that will draw them to your brand.

There are many ways to connect with your audience. Promo videos are the most effective in introducing brands and getting customers quickly into the sales funnel.  In order to achieve this, you need a video maker. There are several video makers available with different features and you can either purchase or use a free video maker. To create mesmerizing promo posts, the following tools can help you make videos like a Pro:

Promo Free Video Maker Tool

This tool offers limitless options of filters with size formatting of videos for Instagram. With it, you can edit videos yourself or let the app do the work for you. If you are a business person, social media marketer, or influencer seeking to effectively convey your ideas with promo posts, they have to be catchy. The app has a provision for adding music and text, emojis, title slides, and text overlays. You can create Instagram stories by playing footage in both fast and slow motion. There is an additional feature where you can import as many as 500 videos at once.  For promo videos with multiple scenes, this tool is the ideal one and the good thing is that you do not need video editing experience.


As an Artificial intelligence-powered video editor, Magisto creates videos from facial recognition, sound, landscapes, and a sequence of actions. These sequenced actions are meant to evoke emotional reactions from viewers. The customization options are more and better compared to other tools as they are automatically channeled through AI.

With options of uploading videos from your media library to the inclusion of animation, Magisto is the best in custom branding. You are guaranteed HD resolution promo videos, with access to analytics and a variety of filters. If you want to create more than just a basic video for your promo post, Magisto is the ideal tool.


Meant for both Android and iPhone users, InShot is a simple video editing tool you can use to add filters and make collages for images. There are several features such as music, video rotation, volume control, and background blurring. You can easily add unique effects such as ghosts, TV, glitch, and add stickers to videos. If you prefer text in your video, the tool covers that in addition to slow-motion and fast controls. Apart from splitting, cutting, and trimming, you can set the size of your frame for stories and IGTV.  If you are in for quick and fun videos for your Instagram account, then this is the app to use. It can be used either as a free video maker which bears its brand logo or as a purchased version.


You want to create an outstanding promo post but you have no money for a video creator; why not try a free video maker? Whether you are an established company or a startup, you may sometimes fail to have a budget for purchasing video creators. Boomerang is a free video maker which is easy to access, navigate through and set up. You can create short videos that engage your audience, and if you are the fun type you can do it in a playful manner. With this app, you can save videos on your camera roll and post them directly to Instagram whenever you want. The disadvantage of this tool is that you will be limited in customization options. But this is common with many other free video maker tools.


As the most user-friendly Instagram video editor, iMovie is ideal for beginners who want quality in simplicity. This tool features a movie option that gives you the power to create quality promo videos yourself or you can let the app do it. You do not have to worry about color, as the app matches the color for you to even out the white balance. With access to both video and audio filters, your final product can be supported in both HD and 4K. The unfortunate thing about it is that it is only compatible with iOS devices. However, as a free video maker, iMovie organizes your content in media libraries with a stability feature that other editing tools lack.


Don’t miss FlexClip if you’re looking for an online cloud-based editing platform. Whether you want a promo post for holiday sales or the release of a new product, there are all kinds of ready promo video templates for you to use. You can choose from an extensive library of royalty-free music and photos to add to your Instagram posts. What’s more, it is free to use with a user-friendly interface.

Final Thoughts On Free Video Maker For Instagram

With various tools available online, you can create the best Instagram promo posts. You only need to identify the one that works best for you. Many people keep posting content on Instagram. For you to get views on your posts, they have to stand out.  Your tool of choice matters a lot in determining how your content attracts the attention of your audience. If you are a newbie and the costs of content creation are a concern, a free video maker can serve the purpose. With a free video maker, your promo creation can be as easy and effective as using the purchase-to-use options. What matters is creating scroll-stopping videos for your Instagram promo posts.

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