Five ways technology has positively impacted the igaming industry

Some people think of casinos, and they immediately flashback to darkened rooms with off-brand music, the sounds of slot machines, weird smells, and random yelling from various tables. Yet, ask many millennials, and you will find that they are more familiar with online casinos and mobile casino apps. That is one of many ways technology has impacted the gambling industry.

This article will highlight five other ways the gambling industry has benefited from technological advancement.

  1. Improved security

Some people are wary of online casinos because of how vulnerable they leave them to online attacks and hacks. Hackers who manage to steal personal identifying information or card information from casinos can gain access to customer data can put their identity, money, and sensitive data at risk.

If you think about it, casinos also stand to lose a lot if their customers’ information is leaked. Think about it, if a casino is hacked, casino players will lose trust in that casino and opt to stay away in the future. What’s more, because casinos often have a lot of money in circulation, they stand to lose a lot of money from a successful breach.

For that reason, security is of utmost importance to many respectable gambling institutions. Some casinos have set up stringent measures to keep out bad players and even require 2-step or multi-step verification before logging in. On the FairGo Casino login page, you will get instructions on installing a VPN on your device, so you are sure that your connection to the casino is secure.

  1. Improved gaming experience

Just like the video game industry has seen game quality improve from low grade to high-definition, high-quality games, so have casino games improved. Artificial intelligence has also had a significant impact in improving game quality, especially in terms of improving the gamer experience. By analyzing data on how players play games and what aspects of games they like, game creators can now use user data to create games with the characteristics that will be appealing to players.

Casinos are also using data and reporting on player behavior to reorganize online casinos to be more attractive to players. For example, they can put the games that many players at the top of the casino web pages but make other games easy to find, so players have an easier time navigating websites. Additionally, they make their websites uncluttered and easy to navigate. The whole experience, from logging in to finding the game and playing, should be straightforward for players.

  1.  Improved customer service

Many businesses and companies understand that customer service is a crucial contributor to a business’s success and actively work to improve it. The casino industry is no exception. Artificial intelligence has been instrumental in helping casinos and improves their customer service.

In many companies’ websites today, including casino websites, you will find a chatbot. These chatbots have been programmed to answer common questions that customers may have or direct them to knowledge bases or to the right customer care agent to handle their problems. Additionally, they can store their information until a customer agent can address the issue.

Chatbots help casinos serve customers 24/7, which is an excellent sell for customers. Additionally, they reduce the workload of customer service agents as they (chatbots) handle repetitive and straightforward questions leaving the agents to deal with the more complex problems. Additionally, chatbots help casinos scale their service offering without hiring too many customer care agents.

  1. Added payment options

Nowadays, it is possible to join a casino without needing to worry if they accept payments from your bank of choice or if they will be able to connect to your credit card or debit card successfully. This is thanks, in part, to third-party payment services that allow customers to deposit money with them, and they, in turn, give money to merchants and businesses on your behalf at your request.

An example of this is Paypal. If you join a casino that is not in your jurisdiction, they may not be able to connect to your bank, and consequently, you may have a hard time depositing and withdrawing from them. If the casino accepts PayPal payments, you can link the casino to your Paypal account and use it to pay. This is more convenient, especially since Paypal has connections in over 200 countries worldwide.

If you prefer even more privacy, it is becoming standard practice for casinos to accept cryptocurrency payments. This will allow you to pay anonymously since you will not connect the casino to your bank information or financial handler information.

  1. Better marketing

Before AI, it was not easy for companies to target clients to market to. Instead, they had to sell to a broad audience and hope that those interested would see their ads. Now, thanks to AI, it is possible for companies like casino to send interest-based ads which target potential clients that have already expressed interest in their service or product. This helps lower marketing costs while simultaneously increasing the return on investment.


The impact of technology on the casino industry is not just about bringing casinos to the people through casino websites and mobile applications. It’s about improving the whole user experience of casino players on these websites and applications so that they want to stay. It’s also about helping casinos improve their service offering to keep old clients and attract new ones. The improvements technology has made to the casino industry are pretty significant, and one can only wait to see what more can happen.

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