Four emerging technologies that are reshaping Cloud Computing

The year 2020 is the dawn of a new decade for innovation in the Information Technology industry. Today almost everything gets connected to cloud computing digitally, which is more than just a new generation of software and machines. It can change everything, be it product development strategy or customer relationships. Organizations are adopting cloud technology as it offers the agility to compete in a fast-paced, ever-changing customer environment. Cloud computing saves companies the cost of maintaining internal systems, drives innovation by making it easy to develop and change applications, standardizing and simplifying security management. The shift in demand for cloud computing has given rise to various job opportunities, which has led to an upsurge in demand for cloud computing certification in India.

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The Future is Cloud First

Businesses that are continual and effortless realize the advantages of using cloud computing for its speed, efficiency, and security in terms of innovation. Cloud computing offers many services at a lower cost and boosts the overall savings of organizations. Despite having a growth in the acceptance of the technology, the supply of skilled professionals remains short. Organizations are looking for candidates who possess the necessary expertise for public cloud and open-source platforms. You can acquire these technical skills by signing up for a cloud computing course in India if it suits your interests.

The latest trends of the technology suggest the rise in the cloud computing certification in India is allowing professionals to explore opportunities.

Some industry trends are also opening numerous career aspects based on specific skillset:

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

The era of ‘cloud’ has everything connected to the Internet. Internet of Things is a leading technology that comes with continuous innovations for real-time data analytics and cloud computing.  Machine to machine communication, data and process occurrence becomes easier to execute. The technology has gained traction across various domains for which professionals are looking to gain knowledge through a cloud computing certification in India and grow their careers.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The upgrades in the Artificial Intelligence technology will shape tomorrow’s world. Businesses look towards cloud companies for machine learning, deep learning tools and AI solutions as it is far too complicated for them to create it on their own. AI and Blockchain technologies are waiting to converge into a hybrid cloud. Such execution of tasks requires a skilled workforce, which also opens the opportunities for professionals to build a career in it. If the field interests you, start with one of the best cloud computing courses in Bangalore to hone your skills.

  1. Serverless Architecture

Before AWS introduced serverless architecture, cloud users had questions about the levels of computing resources they would need to provide and the cost for it. Serverless architecture charges only for what you use. The cloud provider handles the infrastructure issues of scaling and maintenance, which makes it faster and easier for developers to build their cloud-based systems. Serverless architecture enables the cloud world with efficiency and speed. You can learn about such technologies through a cloud computing certification in India and grow your career in the field.

  1. Microservices

Microservices changed the way businesses updated large and complex software by breaking massive applications into several small, joined modules. Small teams update-modules as and when needed, independent of its monolithic application. Microservices enable continual deliverance of freshly updated software. Like serverless technology, it allows application developers to achieve speed and efficiency.

The Beginning of Cloud Computing Future

2020 will be an incredible year for changes in the IT industry, and it becomes crucial to know the necessary resources and the knowledge to harness the power of these latest innovations. Organizations are always looking for innovative methods to grow and achieve their goals, and with the help of cloud computing, they will continue to evolve in the future. Demand for cloud computing gives rise to job opportunities as there is a considerable gap in the market in the demand and supply of skilled professionals for cloud computing. Jigsaw Academy is a reputed educational Institute that provides cloud computing certification in India in association with Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Take a look at the best cloud computing courses in Bangalore and unlock the possibilities the cloud computing industry has to offer you.