Geeky ways to celebrate your Anniversary at Home

Your anniversary is a special celebration and a chance for you to celebrate your geekiness. It may not be possible to take a trip or go out for a nice dinner, but it is possible to have a wonderful day to remember your wedding and have fun as you look back on the day with fond memories. Whatever the reason for celebrating your anniversary at home, you can still make it a night to remember.  Here are some of the geeky ways you can do so.

When celebrating an anniversary at home, it is important to focus on the gift to show your love and appreciation to your beloved. Cheering their inner geek or focusing purely on the love you share will make precious memories and can be bought online and delivered directly to your door.

Romantic gifts

Have her favourite flowers delivered to her door on the day of your anniversary. If you want flowers that last more than a week, it could be that what is the best anniversary gift for her is a natural bloom preserved at the peak of perfection in her favourite colour or birthstone colour.  You can choose a red rose, or another colour, including black, silver or gold to display at home.

Subscription box

Whatever the focus of your beloved geek, you are sure to find a subscription box that they will enjoy all year. There are uniquely themed subscription boxes delivered monthly or quarterly that are filled with collectables and exclusive merchandise. Boxes can include apparel, accessories, some of which are exclusive, offering great value for money.

Cosplay costume

Gift a costume of their dramatic hero, or if they already have one, look for a costume with a twist like the Star Wars inflatable Han Solo in carbonite costume. This costume allows your beloved to reenact the moment Han Solo has been captured by Darth Vader and frozen for all eternity. If they love Pirates of the Caribbean, get them a pirate costume (and one for yourself too!) complete with a flintlock pistol replica or an authentic-looking cutlass. Then you can geek out over Will and Elizabeth’s iconic wedding in At World’s End, decked in your best buccaneer costumes.


Throwing a themed party is a great way to celebrate your anniversary with relatives and friends. As a proud nerd or geek, you can organise your own party to be as eccentric or non-mainstream as you wish.

Have the party at home with your family, housemates or partner and invite others to join you online. The free Houseparty app is a synchronous social platform that lets you connect face-to-face with the people online, allowing you to chat with up to seven friends in an online party.

Have a movie, show or concert marathon

Together, create a list of your favourite movies and watch them whilst enjoying your favourite snacks. Take this as an opportunity to try out something new. Netflix Party has Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness which is a hit documentary chronicles the escalating conflict between big cat breeders who own private zoos and animal rights activists in the United States. The bizarre and compelling cast may have you hooked, otherwise look at other docuseries as well as movies covering every genre.

Games night

You best anniversary at home may be relieving stress by enjoying a video game together, as you delve into the realm of fantasy. Hook up those video game consoles and have your friends join you online if they cannot make it to your house.

Book a take-out meal

Many restaurants are now offering a delivery service, so order in your favourite dishes and have these delivered to your home. Create a romantic ambience by clearing the room so you can sit at a table, with dimmed lights or some unscented candles. Create a playlist of your favourite music, including the first dance song at your wedding reception and when it plays, replay the dance in your dining room or living room.

Gaming party

Whether you love Fortnite, Fifa or Animal Crossing, invite your friends and family to play with you from their own living rooms. Recent release Animal Crossing: New Horizons trending, with plenty of gamers causing mischief while visiting their friends’ islands via Nintendo Switch Online. If you do not have a headset to chat through your gaming device, you could always set up a video or voice call at the same time.