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Audio content has become extremely popular in this day and age because, in a busy world, it allows people to multitask while listening. This is why podcasts have gained huge popularity in the last few years, as you can listen to them while driving, working, or exercising. They are also very easy to access since most phones come with a built-in podcast app so you can listen to your favorite series at any time. The popularity of podcasts is on the rise, and you are probably wondering how you can take advantage of it in order to make more people listen to your audio content. There are so many podcasts available out there for people to listen to with just the click of a button, so how can you make yours stand out? There are ways in which you can grow your podcast’s audience, all you need to do is follow these easy tips.

Social Media

Since podcasts take time and commitment in order to produce great content then it makes sense to spend as much time to promote them. Many of your podcast listeners, if not all, are probably using social media, and this is why you should use these platforms to your advantage. You can share images, videos, and teasers in a creative and fun way using catchy hashtags. If you want to step up your promotion game then you can post a sneak peek of the episode on social media, or post a part of it on YouTube. If you want to draw as many new listeners as possible then you should get your episodes on all the different platforms.


If you want to grow your podcast audience then you should make your content easy to find by using the correct keywords, titles, and descriptions. Your goal should be to have your podcast appear on the first page of Google search, in order to attract a new audience. You don’t want your podcast to appear on page 10 or 20 of the Google search since most people depend on the results they find on the first page. The top podcast platform guide at mentions that having a podcast isn’t easy and your audience won’t just start showing up exquisitely. This is why you should step up your marketing game, and SEO is a huge part of marketing. It is important to enhance your podcast so it shows up on different search engines, not just on Google but on iTunes and Spotify as well. You need to have a strategic marketing plan and great SEO optimization in order for your podcasts to be on the top searches.


If you ask a friend how they have heard of something, they will probably tell you that they saw an ad about it on Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes, the best way to get someone’s attention to notice your product is through classic advertising, and you should treat your podcast as a product that needs marketing. This kind of advertising will cost you at first but it is a small price to pay to draw first-time listeners. You can also advertise your podcast on relevant blogs or on other podcasts.

Email Subscription

Creating an email list won’t only make it easier for people to hear about your podcast but will make your audience feel connected to you on a personal level. Naturally, you want to get an audience beyond iTunes and social media and this is why you should add an email subscription option on your website. An email will get you a new audience and will help you stay connected with your old ones as well.

Engaging with the Audience

Podcast listeners usually feel that they have a special connection with the podcaster, and this is something that you should take advantage of to engage with your audience. This can be done by creating a Q&A on Facebook or Twitter where fans ask questions and you answer them on your podcast. This interaction will definitely create a bond between you and them and it will also give you an idea of their expectations from your podcast and if there is something that you need to improve. In order to increase the personal connection between you and your audience, you can create a Facebook group community where they can interact with each other and discuss your episodes.

Podcasts’ popularity is on the rise, and it doesn’t look like it is slowing down anytime soon. There are so many podcasts these days and it has become a competitive market. This is why you have to use social media platforms, marketing techniques, and advertisements to your advantage to increase your fanbase. You should also try and bond with your existing audience because if they feel connected to you on a personal level then they will continue listening, and this can be done by creating an email list and engaging with them on social media.

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