Hide Folders for Mac lets you hide secret files and folders


One can easily hide files and folders in Windows OS just by accessing the ‘Folder Options’ window and clicking on ‘Do not show hidden files and folders’ under the ‘hidden files and folders’ option.

However, the same is not so easy with Mac OS X and therefore it has come up with the ‘Hide Folders’ software. Hide Folders is a software that is available for free just for Mac OS X to hide some necessary documents and folders in it.

Files and Folders

It has the capability to conceal all the desired files and folders with their contents just by a click and avoid their modification, viewing and deletion by any unknown users.

Some Key Features of the Hide Folders are,

  • Easy –to-use user interface
  • No file structure modification required
  • Password protection while running the program
  • Any number of files and folders may be hidden
  • Prevents access to your hidden files and folders by any unknown users, unless you unhide it yourself

Usage of the application is extremely straightforward. Just select the files you want to hide, drop them into the folder and click on ‘Hide’ to make it invisible.


If you wish to hide more files and folders, access ‘Hide View Options’ from the ‘Settings’ drop-down menu select ‘Add Items’ to add more names to the list.

Hide View Options

Similarly, if you want to make a hidden file or a folder visible then hit Show to reveal it at source path. The above mentioned characteristics are available in free version of Hide Folders only.


Free version of Hide Folders offer an easy way to hide and show private files and folders but it doesn’t allow user to protect its access using a Password. This feature is however available with the paid version that is compatible with Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and with many advanced features.

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