How can I protect my Android device from Virus?

Android devices have become an integral part of our lives as humans. The operating system is a brainchild of Google and is today the most popular mobile OS. This is because of their advanced technological systems, but this is what makes them equally susceptible to viruses and malware.

The Android OS is considered free and open, and that is why anyone can come up with an app and set it up on the google play store for users to download. There are no such restrictions when using this system, and this creates a loophole for the viruses and malware to come in. The good thing is that you can protect your phone against viruses. Some of the best ways to do this include using anti-viruses and we will look at the total av review below. The following tips can help you out:

Do not enable ‘unknown sources’ command

This is the first step in protecting your Android device from attack. Most android phones have this command that can either permit or deny the installation of applications from unknown sources. The choice of which is usually up to you and most end up allowing the installation anyway, which is wrong.

Mostly the apps that require you to check this command do not come from the play store, but external sources. The worst part is that even after you have installed these apps from unknown sources, most of them do not prompt you to go back and uncheck the unknown sources command, and this leaves your device open to danger.

Therefore, the best way to prevent anything like this from happening is disabling the command. That way, you will protect your device from any attack that may come in the form of an app.

Go through app permissions before installing

This again is something that many people overlook but is crucial to a secure and healthy android system. Most individuals head to the play store and download apps without even looking at the information pertaining to this software. Unfortunately, this is where the rain starts beating most people, and they end up losing their data and systems through viruses and malware.

Good discipline is to take time and go through the app permissions before installing so that you are aware of what the requirements are. Do not check on the command you are not sure about and end up granting permission for an app that is destructive.

All the apps on the play store will let you know where exactly they intend to gain access to your system and the power to allow is for you to decide. Take your time and analyze before granting any permissions.

Don’t just download every application

Not everything you see on the play store should be on your phone. Some apps are simply illegitimate, and you may end up screwing up your android device by downloading them. As stated earlier, the Android platform is open, and this is what makes it easy for developers with bad intentions to create apps that may carry viruses and malware harmful to your mobile phone.

Such apps are either independent or sometimes a pirated version of an original app that exists on the play store. The developers of such apps often make them enhanced with more features than the original one to attract unsuspecting android users to download the app for use. As much as it is hard distinguishing between the original versions of an app from a copy version, there are a few pointers that can help you out nowadays.

Thanks to Google, their play store has made it easier to spot the original and legitimate apps. You need to look for a shield mark that shows a verified play protect app which is right for you to download. The play protect sign placed on apps that have passed tests and set requirements needed by the platform. Google further uses the ‘editor’s choice’ badge to ascertain apps that have a higher ranking in terms of quality and functionality.

Using the above tips can make a difference in the life of your Android device. You don’t want to download an app and regret asking yourself, why didn’t I know this?

Install a credible antivirus

Total av antivirus is one type of antivirus that your device may direly need. This is a sophisticated antivirus that will protect your Android device from viruses and other malware. It offers three packages for you to choose from, all of which have different features. The antivirus software is used for up to three devices meaning that you can buy it and use it together with friends or family.

The antivirus offers app management, device optimization and file cleaning among many other services for mobile phones. Its scans fall under the most profound features as it can evade you from malware, ransomware, and spyware.

The software runs in the background and does not interfere with what you are doing on your device. This way it gets to fight off any looming threats and protect your device all the time. In case of any information from a scan, the results are shown in a simple language that everyone can easily understand even if you are not so tech savvy.

The app also offers internet protection meaning that your downloads will get scanned for possible threats and if any present, they are dealt with accordingly. The software has an enhanced firewall and file protection system that puts your device in good standing.

Be keen on pop-ups

Have you ever surfed the internet and noticed some annoying pop-ups that come up all the time? Well, these pop-ups may be the reason why your device crashes at the end of the day, or you end up losing all your data.

Pop-ups are used most times by hackers who want a piece of information from you and answering them merely is giving them an easy way of dealing with you. Learn to either ignore these pop-ups or at least use a browser that blocks them from interfering with your activities online.

Wrapping up, protecting your phone starts with you. The actions that you do will determine whether your Android device is safe or not.

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