How CRM and Marketing Automation Work Together

Have you ever wished that you could streamline many of your sales and marketing processes to help free up time on repetitive tasks while also building better lead campaigns? Well, with CRM and marketing automation, you can.

In fact, let’s explore the advantages of each platform separately to understand how they before moving onto the host of benefits they provide when they are integrated.

What is a CRM?

CRM, which stands for customer relationship management, is a software tool that stores various details concerning your customers, including their purchase history, how long they’ve been a customer, and more, all in one easy to access location to be utilized by just about anyone in your company to perform their tasks.

Benefits of CRM Software

CRM offers several benefits to businesses that can help save time and money, including enables them to automatically track and organize their contacts once their basic information has been entered into the system for easy referencing when generating sales leads and more.

It can also help boost customer satisfaction and customer engagement by enabling you to repeatedly send relevant messaging.

The software can also be used to track sales progress across your entire organization, which can then be used to easily make improvements where needed, and more.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is software that can be used to streamline, automate, and analyze various workflow and marketing tasks, including lead generation, segmentation, and more, which can then be used to create a better customer experience.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

The main benefit of marketing automation is that it enables your marketing and sales departments to speed up their processes and eliminate time-consuming tasks, such as gathering and analyzing the necessary data to build their marketing campaigns, which helps improve productivity.

It also includes a unique scoring system that helps you identify the leads who are most likely to be converted into faithful customers, so you don’t waste time reaching out to the wrong customers for improved conversions and overall greater efficiency.

You can also automate schedules, send team member alerts, and more.

How CRM and Marketing Automation Work Together

Given the benefits of both CRM and marketing automation, when combined, they can be used to collect customer data and generate leads with personalized communication all from one spot.

It also helps save your sale’s time by allowing the marketing automation to analyze data and send the right messaging to the right people before the leads even reach your sales team, so they don’t have to.

Running your CRM and marketing automation systems together also enables you to learn which campaigns are generating the most profits, so you know what’s working and vice versa, and more.

How to Integrate CRM and Marketing Automation Software

Companies such as SharpSpring help make CRM marketing automation easy by providing everything you need in one platform. And they also offer competitive pricing for businesses of all sizes.

Make it your goal to create a more efficient business you can feel good about with CRM and marketing automation integration.