How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming?

Computer hardware has improved at a rapid pace in the 21st century. RAM (Random Access Memory) has been at the center of technological improvements in gaming. It is the computer’s super-fast and short-term memory that allows your programs and files to be accessible.

For the average computer user, understanding hardware can be incredibly daunting. “How much RAM do I need?” is a frequently asked question on This guide outlines exactly how much RAM you need if you are interested in games of chance and online casinos.

How Much RAM Do You Really Need for Gaming in 2020

The good news is that you can play most online games with as low as 1 GB of RAM. However, avid PC gamers who appreciate smooth gameplay will want a bigger RAM allotment to maintain the high frames-per-second (fps) rates. Smartphones have also introduced an easier way of accessing these gaming platforms.

Online casino games use crucial components for gaming. The processor, monitor, operating system, browser, and internet connection all combine to provide the gaming experience. If any of them is inadequate, then the quality of the gaming experience may decline. Sometimes, you may not even be able to play games at all.

Therefore, it makes sense to distinguish between the minimum requirements and the recommended requirements of a particular program. The minimum requirements will permit you to play and enjoy the basic version of the game. The suggested requirements, however, guarantee an elevated gaming experience for the user. Meeting the recommendations is ideal for the more advanced players.

Is More RAM Better?

RAM typically allows games to load efficiently. Therefore, one might assume that adding more RAM will always result in better performance. However, this is not the case. Other factors, such as internet speed, heavily influence how fast or smooth the game is. So adding more RAM without increasing your internet speed may not improve your gaming experience.

Stuttering, lag, low performance, poor quality graphics, and frequent internet disconnections also contribute to a decline in the game experience. That’s why online casinos specify the minimum requirements that the player’s computer systems should possess for the best gaming experience.

Most online games are compatible with just about any browser. However, you can also download and play casino games on your computer. Usually, a recent operating system, a 2.0 GHz Core2Duo processor or equivalent, 1 GB of RAM, and any graphics card will suffice. The graphics card integrated into your computer will usually work just fine.

Microgaming Casino Minimum System Requirements

Game providers like Microgaming offer high-quality graphics and large games files, thus requiring large RAM. Internet connections having a speed of 512 kb/s are usually the bare minimum preferred. Microgaming, NetEnt, and Quickspin are some game providers used by

These are Microgaming minimum system requirements:

  • at least Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
  • a Core2Duo processor or better,
  • at least 1 GB of system memory available
  • at least 32 MB of video memory
  • 1024 x 768 video resolution or higher
  • at least 500 MB of hard drive space
  • a minimum of 512 kb/s internet connection speed


Ultimately, it’s always a good idea to have a better computer. A computer with better quality components such as the processor, operating system, browser, and higher internet speeds improves the experience. Better video cards and more RAM 100% can also have a positive contribution to the gaming experience.

An average online casino doesn’t have the most insane requirements. All you need to play is an average computer. However, there may be noticeable differences if you play on a better computer with more RAM and higher internet speeds.

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