How smart IT geeks can find employment in Western Australia’s mining boom

Western Australia’s mining sector is notorious for its boom and bust cycles, but for the time being there’s good news. Job opportunities are on the rise, business is going strong and there’s good money to be made. And you don’t have to be a miner to reap some benefits. Here’s how a smart IT guy can land a highly lucrative job in Western Australia’s mining industry.

Why the mining industry is looking for IT guys

Mining companies in Western Australia (WA) are looking to modernize their technology because they have to. It’s not just that they need good internal network systems, data management solutions, communication systems, etc. Every company needs those. The mining industry needs to modernize itself in order to survive the bust periods.

Australia accounts for 35% of the world’s coal trade, but there’s stiff competition out there and, in order to stay ahead, local companies need to implement the most modern technologies and automate their procedures as much as possible.

This means IT experts are in high demand.

Do I need a background check to work in the mining industry in WA?

It is not mandatory by law for people working in IT to present a national police check WA however, as you’ll discover, most companies do require one. Nobody can afford to hire someone without doing a bit of screening.

Positions in the IT department are considered particularly sensitive because you’d have access to the company’s most sensitive data and that’s worth protecting at all costs. As an IT guy, you should know that. After all, it will be your job to keep the company’s data safe.

To avoid major headaches later on, you should have your background check ready before you start packing. That shouldn’t be a problem for you as you can easily order a background check on yourself online. There are many online agencies offering such services and it only takes a few minutes to fill in the form and upload a photo.

You’ll get the police check sent to your email in a few business days. While you wait you can apply for a job, go through the preliminary talks and weigh your options.

How to get an IT job in Western Australia’s mining industry

Don’t start packing yet! First, you need to sit down and browse the job boards to see what positions are available. Obviously, you have a wage figure in mind, but since you’re about to move far away from home also check out the accommodations they offer if they offer. Just because you’re changing jobs, that doesn’t mean you have to change your whole way of life. Look for a job in a town that best suits your needs and interests when searching for IT jobs in WA.

On the other hand, there are those who maintain that you should in fact pack up your suitcase and leave for Western Australia. Find a job the old fashioned way, knocking on doors and making inquiries. This might work as well, but you’d be limiting your options and you might miss out on a better job.

Good luck!