How to activate call forwarding and waiting on iPhone

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Call Forwarding is a feature that forwards your call to another number in case your iPhone is out of range or when you don’t answer. Similarly, Call Waiting is a feature that lets you hear another incoming call when you’re still on an active phone call. Let us quickly walk you through the process to activate call forwarding and waiting on iPhone

Steps to activate call forwarding and waiting on iPhone

Do note that these features are carrier oriented i.e. depends on your telecom operator. While its a free feature in most of the countries, make sure to check.

Activate Call Forwarding on iPhone

Call Forwarding, also known as call diversion. The feature basically lets you redirect incoming calls to another number, phone, or voicemail box. This appears to be a handy trick, especially when you are not able to answer phone calls on your phone.

When enabled, all inbound calls to your iPhone are routed to the number you have configured for replying all incoming calls.

1] Launch the ‘Settings’ app and scroll down to find the ‘Phone’ option.

2] When found, tap on ‘Phone’.

Settings app

3] When the Phone screen opens, tap ‘Call Forwarding’ option.

4] Next, toggle the ‘Call Forwarding’ option.

5] Type the number to which you want to forward all the incoming calls received.

activate call forwarding and waiting on iPhone

6] You’ll now see the number listed on the Call Forwarding screen. Note also that a new icon appears on your menu bar to remind you that call forwarding is active.

7] If you would like to change the Call Forwarding number, tap Forward to, enter a different number you want, then tap the Back.

To turn off the call forwarding, just return to the Call Forwarding settings screen and disable it. If you re-enable it in the future, it will remember the last number to which you forwarded calls and immediately begin forwarding them to that number again.

Activate Call Waiting on iPhone

Coming to our next topic of discussion–Call waiting–If you want to answer an incoming call during an ongoing call, you need to turn on call waiting. Follow these easy instructions.

1] Launch Settings and click on Phone.

2] Tap on Call Waiting.

activate call  waiting on iPhone

3] Toggle the feature to turn it on/off as per your requirement.

activate call  waiting on iPhone

Both of these features are essentials these days so you don’t miss a call. Let us know if you have trouble to activate call forwarding and waiting on iPhone.

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