How to Attract People to Your Store and Increase Walk-Ins

Attracting people to your store can be a difficult task. Especially if people don’t know what you do or where you are located.

Advertising nowadays is mainly digital and online, however, there are many ways you can attract more business that doesn’t involve online advertising. One of the best ways to achieve this is going back to the basics and ensuring your storefront signage is en pointe, clear, readable, and easily noticeable.

It is incredibly important that your store is well represented and appears welcoming to the persons walking past. Whether you redo your signage, add colors or decorations, or simply clean the storefront every day, there are many actions you can take to ensure your store is maximizing its walk-in traffic and attracting the public from the street.

Don’t allow your storefront to work against you, make it work for you. Through showcasing your business to street traffic, you can greatly increase the number of people that walk into the store, rather than simply relying on the business you attract from your online or print advertisements.

While it can be confusing and you may wonder why you are not attracting walk-ins, there are some things you can do to ensure your curb appeal is all it can be.

Here are some tips to ensure your store is noticed, increasing your foot traffic.

1.   Signage With Clear Indicators of Services Provided

Signage is important, not only to identify your store but to ensure it is visible and describes exactly the services you offer.

Just as mechanic shops will generally have the word mechanical in it, you want to ensure the name of your store clearly illustrates the services you offer. If you have simply “Suzies” on your signs, it can be difficult for the public to identify what you offer. Having a sign that says “Suzie’s Restaurant” is a much better way to identify the fact that the business is a restaurant, and offers food and beverages.

“Suzie’s Restaurant” is a lot different from “Suzies Automotive” and without properly identifying what your shop is, you can lose out on a lot of business, simply due to the fact that there are no indicators for clients as to what you do.

Having unclear signage can lead to loss of business and confusion on the part of your clients. This has been the case in certain cities in Texas. If you are looking for some information regarding pricing and tips to ensure your signs are doing there are some great custom signs Houston locals would recommend, and you can find information and expert advice to help decide exactly what sign you can put to draw attention. With expert advice and opinions, your business is sure to draw more foot traffic.

2.   Design and Welcoming Entranceways

Ensuring your business is well represented from the street can change the way the public views your business and can increase interest in your store. If your store appears dingy, dirty, or otherwise unwelcoming, you will find less public interest in the store. No one wants to enter a business that is unwelcoming or even dangerous. Ensuring you have a well-presented storefront, that is clean, free of debris, and generally welcoming can help increase your foot traffic.

Consider putting in some flowers, or an additional sign in front of your business that showcases your daily specials, or any special sales you may have going on. In the cases of restaurants, having a portable sign in the front that you put out daily can greatly increase the interest in your store from the street. If someone sees signs for 2 for 1 beer, and they are thirsty, there is a chance they will enter and make a purchase. If they don’t see the specials you offer and simply see another pub in a long line of pubs, there is a chance they will simply walk past, rather than taking advantage of the specials. In this way, your storefront can greatly affect the way the public views your store.

If your store is a clothing shop, try installing an exterior clothing rack, or ensuring that your wares are displayed in the front window. Showcase what you offer, use bright colors, effective lighting, and try to grab the attention of the public.

Your storefront is the main thing that people see, if it is not welcoming, you will find yourself struggling to attract foot traffic, and your business will suffer from a lack of walk-ins. Having a clear, crisp, and clean storefront can ensure that you are making the most of the traffic in front of your store, increase walk-in customers, and therefore increase your business growth and profits.