How to capture or record screenshot of your laptop

A screenshot is a snapshot of your current display and is the easiest way to share information displayed on your screen or to explain details about how something is done on a computer.

Both Windows and macOS have several ways to take screenshots and in this article, we will be taking you through the different options to take screenshots on Windows and macOS machines.

How to Capture/Record Screenshot on Windows Laptop?

Option 1: Take a Screenshot using Fn + PrtSc

The easiest way to take a screenshot on laptops running the Windows operating system is by making use of the PrtSc (Print Screen) and Fn (Function) keys on the keyboard. Below is how you can easily take a screenshot using the Fn key and PrtSc key on Windows laptops.

  • On your keyboard find a key named “PrtScn” or “Print Scr” or “PrntScrn” and also the key labelled “Fn”.
  • Whenever you wish to take a screenshot of your current display, press both these keys.
  • Now, launch the Windows Explorer window and navigate to the “Screenshots” folder inside the “Pictures” folder from This PC.
  • Inside the screenshots folder, you will be able to find all the screenshots you took using the PrntSc + Fn keys.

Option 2: Take a Screenshot using Snipping Tool

The “Snipping Tool” is another tool that allows Windows users to easily capture screenshots and was first included with the Windows Vista edition. Since then, the feature has stuck on with later Windows versions and has also got several feature updates along the way.

To begin using the feature, simply search for “Snipping Tool” within your Windows laptop and click on the same. A small window will then appear on the screen that lets you control the options to capture and save screenshots on your computer.

The only limitation with the Snipping Tool on Windows is that it is unable to capture any sort of mouse movements within the screenshots.

Also, if your laptop is running on the Windows 10 version, then an additional “Delay” option will be present within the Snipping Tool which will let you add a delay timer while capturing screenshots. There is also a “Mode” option that lets you select the type of screenshot you wish to capture depending on the area of the screen that needs to be covered.

How to Capture/Record Screenshot on macOS Laptops?

Option 1: Take a Screenshot On Laptops running macOS Mojave

If your laptop is running on the latest macOS Mojave version, then you can launch the screenshot controls by pressing on the Shift key + Command key + 5 key.

This will launch the screenshot controls from where you can either choose to capture the entire screen, capture a specific window, or capture a particular portion of the display respectively.

All the screenshots taken will be directly saved to your desktop so that you can access them easily.

Option 2: Take a Screenshot Laptops running older versions of macOS

For laptops running older macOS versions, below are the different commands to take screenshots. The same commands can also be used to quickly capture screenshots on laptops running macOS Mojave as well.

  1. Shift key + Command key + “3” key to capture the entire screen.
  2. Shift key + Command key + “4” key to capture a particular window or capture a menu or a selected portion of the display.

How to Take Screenshots Online on both Windows and macOS?

If you are looking for a simple and uniform technique to take screenshots on both Windows and macOS, then using an online screenshot tool is the best option. Among all the program for screen capture, Free Online Screen Recorder is the best option.

The Free Online Screen Recorder tool allows you to capture and share screenshots easily, as well as capture screen capture videos as well with support for audio capture as well, a feature that most screenshot tools miss out on.

All you need to do is install and launch the Free Online Screen Recorder tool on your laptop and then set the parameters for the screenshot or screen recording you wish to capture. After finishing the capture, you can then choose to either save the recording on your laptop or instantly share it with others as well.

Final Words

We tried to include the easiest ways to capture or record screenshots on Windows and macOS laptops in this article. In case you have any queries or doubts about the methods or tools mentioned in this article, feel free to get in touch with us by leaving a comment below.

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