How to catch if your girlfriend is cheating on you

If your girlfriend is being fussy over her phone and becomes easily irritable if you are close to her phone, there are high chances that something suspicious is going on behind the scene. If you have a queer feeling that your girlfriend is now behaving in a dubious manner, you deserve to find a way out of this murky relationship.

The best way to find the underhand doings of your girlfriend is to spy on her mobile phone. It is possible that she was just feeling ignored by you and someone else took the chance to lure her in. So we have a fair solution for you, in this article, you will find out the different ways to know the truth without putting your’s and your girlfriend’s private information at stake.

Spyier-omnifarious spying app

With a spyier, you can find whether your girlfriend betrayed you or not. Spyier helps you to pry on your girlfriend if she seems on edge. It has won the trust of millions of users and has been mentioned by many eminent platforms like Huffington Post, Lifewire, The Verge, and the New York Times.

Whether your girlfriend uses an android device or an iPhone spyier can hack both of them. In the case of the iPhone, there is absolutely no need to install an app on your phone or in your girlfriend’s phone. As you know all the data of an iPhone is stored in the iCloud server, spyier catches this opportunity, and by using the iCloud credentials of the device integrate the device with its account. You can have access to all the data from the iCloud server directly.

In the case of an android device, you have to install an app on your girlfriend’s phone. It is a must and there is no way someone can hack an android without app installation. It will take a few minutes and the app is designed by keeping in sight the modern technology, it consumes a trivial amount of battery and does not affect the normal functioning of the phone. Spyier works from a distance and you can hide the icon after installation.

Spyier works from shadows and keeps you aware of all the activities done on the phone.

How spyier keeps traces all the evidence

Spyier has a unique set of features which makes it possible to keep an eye on all the aspects like any to class spy does. With its sim tracking location you can find out the location of the device anytime you want. You can read all the messages including the deleted ones from the phone without touching it.

Spyier will tell you about the most frequent callers along with the duration and timing of the calls. From there you can have an idea about the paramour of your girlfriend. If that person is a mutual acquaintance you can use the geofencing feature to mark his place as no go zones and can confirm your suspicions if your girlfriend was there at the odd times. To know more about the cool features of spyier you can visit this spyier page to clear your doubts.

As you know social media accounts hide a lot of dirty secrets. It is a must you know about the people she is interacting with on social media especially on snapchat. You can read all the texts and can see the pictures she is sharing with different people.

How to hack the phone with spyier

If you are a busy person and don’t have much time to crack the codes, spyier is your respite from this nuisance.

Step 1: Search for the official web site of spyier and sign up for your account thereby entering your email address and password.

Step 2: After signing up, you have to choose the device whether it is android or iPhone you want to spy on.

After that, choose the plan according to your needs by paying few dimes, spyier is economical than other spying apps.

Step 3: The next step is to enter the iCloud credentials if the phone you want to hack is an iPhone. This will grant you access to the data of that iPhone.

If the device is Android, you have to do some work. You have to be with the phone for less than five minutes without letting your girlfriend know. After installing the app, hide the icon. There will be no search history and only you can see the app with a special code. After finishing this all, click on the start button and there you go.

Step 4: After clicking on the start button, a spyier dashboard will appear. On the left side is a selection panel, from there you can select any platform you want to spy on. You can choose the social media accounts, can see any important upcoming date on the calendar or the call history anything you want.


Minspy is another app you can use with all the cutting edge features to spy on the girlfriend’s phone. You can read all the text messages and can spy on social media accounts discreetly. Minspy is similar to spyier in many ways; it works in stealth mode and does not send any notification to the target device.


Spyine is used by many people, it may not be the best one but it is considered among the legal and reliable apps you can use to hack on both iPhone and Android devices. It provides you with access to the exact location of your girlfriend without making your position suspicious.


Spyic has many features similar to the spyier. It has been designed to hack the phones of the employees if they are showing erratic behavior. You are having this instinct that they are selling the secrets of the company to your competitors.


Cocospy is specially designed for spying on the phones of the children. Its military level secrecy makes it impossible for the young generation to find out its presence. It is difficult to spy on the advanced generation but Cocospy is designed in such a way that it works in the background without allowing the children to know about the spying.


Now you know the reliable ways to save your failing relationship. If you don’t want your relationship to become the time pass story for others you have to take precautionary measures. Spyier is the perfect way out you can use. Now you can hack the phone and can know the truth about your girlfriend.