How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme For Your Business Website

Did you know that WordPress runs more than 75 million websites worldwide? All these sites may look and perform differently, even though they are all built from the core WordPress code. The reason for this is a huge number of themes that control features and the appearance of each self-hosted WordPress site.

The theme you choose represents your brand’s message, so it’s very important to pick one that reflects your business’s goals and tone. There are more than 20000 themes available, both free and premium, so choosing the right one for your business website can be challenging. Business owners tend to become overwhelmed with the number of themes out there when building their site and they often can’t decide whether to pay for one or go with a free version.

So, how can you know what’s going to be a good theme? This article will provide a few pointers and explore how to choose a WordPress theme that fits your website best.

Choosing The Right WordPress Theme

This depends on many factors such as your budget, your skill level, and your site’s goals. A good piece of advice is to make a list of features your site needs to work the way you want. For example, do you want a theme to look good on all screens and to be mobile responsive? Do you want plenty of templates and customization options to work with? According to the professionals at, An SEO optimized WordPress theme is a great option for any business. Themes that are easily translatable to any language, as well as powerful app themes are especially useful nowadays. Sometimes you will need to pay for a premium theme to get all you want, but it’s worth the investment. Your website is something that represents your company and makes the first impression on customers, so make sure it’s the best possible.

Consider Your Website’s Purpose

Always look for an option that reflects the very essence of your brand and business. Choose fonts, colors, and layouts that will represent your style and attract potential customers. Be careful – some themes look nice and attractive but they are hard to read. This is often a big problem with “dark” themes. It’s important that users find your website easy to read and navigate. Remember that most people don’t have the patience to spend a lot of time on a confusing website.

Pick A Responsive Theme

Responsive themes are great because they are optimized for presentation on screens of all sizes. Nowadays, most people are using mobile devices (mostly smartphones and tablets) for almost all online tasks. A responsive design provides a better experience and attracts new visitors. Your audience will find it easy to interact with your website and they are more likely to develop a connection with your brand.

Choose A Theme That Supports Popular Plugins

No matter which theme you select, your website will need plugins to add all the features you want. Some themes already come with certain plugin features that have already been installed. They may include shopping cart features or product pages, for example. High-quality WordPress plugins are often updated, so make sure your theme is compatible with the latest version.

There are over 58000 WordPress plugins on the market and this can be extremely overwhelming for new users. Experts in this field recommend focusing on plugins that are good for SEO, backups, speed, and social media. Having the right tools can help you grow your business, so don’t underestimate it and do your research to find some of the must-have WordPress plugins for business in 2021.

Choose A Theme That Fits Your WordPress Skills

WordPress themes are designed for users of all skill levels, so it shouldn’t be difficult to select a theme that is appropriate for your abilities. If you are not a developer or designer and you don’t have a lot of experience, try theme tools and features that will allow you to manage the website without editing the code, for example, the page builder. The page builder is very popular because it can help absolute beginners create attractive and unique pages with ease.

Should You Choose Free Or Premium Themes?

If you are on a tight budget, don’t worry. There are thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins that can provide essential functionality without additional costs. However, free themes often aren’t very customizable and developers sometimes don’t offer user support and upgrades.

Premium themes always include updates and support, as well as many other features. For a completely unique custom theme, you will usually need to invest between $25 and $100.

By following this simple guide, you should be able to choose the best WordPress theme for your brand with ease. Remember that we live in a digital era and that your online representation is as important as any other marketing tactic, if not more. Just try it and you will be surprised how much a professionally built website will improve your business.