How to create a new Google Account from Android smartphone

Google account is the key to open every service by the internet giant, from basic google search to the Google Developer Console. Almost everyone who owns a smartphone (Android, especially) has an account on Google, despite whether it’s active or not. If you do not have one Google account, in this guide we share how to create a new Google Account from Android smartphone.

Since Google account is necessary for every Android smartphone to download from play store as well as to use Apps and Sevices by Google, the company provides an option for creating Google accounts directly from the device. On the other hand, you can create an account on your personal computer from here.

How to create a new Google Account from Android smartphone

Concerning the way Google designed Android, you can go through the setup without entering any URL or a specific app.  Open any of the Google Apps like Google, Chrome, Maps, Play Store, Play Games, Play Newsstand, Play Music, etc., and you will be asked to set an account. Follow the instructions, and you will be done within few minutes.

Note: The below-mentioned method illustrates setting up a new Google Account either on a fresh start or an old Android smartphone.

Steps to create a new Google account on Android Phone

  1. Go to Smartphone settings.
  2. Scroll down and Tap “Accounts”.
  3. Tap on “+” icon in the top right corner (or “Add Account” on some devices).
  4. Select “Google” from the list of apps. Create a new Google Account from Android smartphone
  5. Enter the device lock Password/PIN/Pattern, if applicable.
  6. Wait for the page to load, and then choose “create a new account.”
  7. Fill the input fields with your First and Last names.
  8. From the next window, enter your birthdate and gender. In gender column, you can even choose “Decline to state” if you do not want to disclose more about you.Create new Google account in Android
  9. This step is the most critical part of the Google Account creation. You have to choose a permanent username for your Google account. The username follows “” with the format “[username]”. Once you assigned, you cannot change the ID ever again, and it will be your email ID on Gmail.
  10. From the above step, you can also proceed with creating an account using your phone number, instead of creating a Gmail ID.
  11. Create a strong password for your Google Account now. Use a password which is unique, and strong.Choose Strong Password for Google Account
  12. You may have to give your mobile number to strengthen security. You can choose to skip.
  13. On the final step, you will receive a notice consisting of company’s policies, terms, and conditions, etc. You have to read them carefully and click on “Accept” if you agree with their user data policy.Google account policy
  14. Now click Finish, Login again, and you are all set.

Note: Creating a new Google account doesn’t mean necessarily mean you have a Gmail Account. It only sets up when you access your Gmail app, and then agree to create one.

With the new Google account, you can now use any of the Google’s essential services and other apps. You can even use the account for sending e-mails, storing files on Google Drive Cloud storage up to 15GB for free, etc.

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