How to delete or deactivate Snapchat account

Delete Snapchat Account Final confirmation

While social media is fun, there is too much privacy invasion. Snapchat is one of those apps which makes you share almost anything to connect with young people just like you. So if you are ready to let your Snapchat account go, follow the steps to delete or deactivate Snapchat account.

Note: This is always a two-step process. First account will be deactivated, and then removed from the server after few days. It gives the end user a chance to reactivate account if the deletion wasn’t the intention.

How to delete or deactivate Snapchat account

 delete or deactivate Snapchat account

  • Open the Snapchat app on your phone, and click on user profile icon on the top left.
  • Then click on the settings icon (COG) on the top right of the profile icon.
  • This will reveal all the settings of the app, and also give you access to Support.
  • Scroll to find Support, and tap to open it.
  • In the search bar, type “Delete my account”. One of the search results will suggest “Log in to delete your account”. Tap on it.
  • In this screen, enter your Snapchat account, and password and tap on the continue button. The page will also warn you about what will happen when you delete the account.
  • Post-confirmation, your account will be removed from Snapchat servers after 30 days.

Delete Snapchat Account Final confirmation

Just before the deletion, you can choose to get all the data you shared on Snpchat over email. Snapchat suggests that make sure to download the data first before giving a final confirmation to deactivate Snapchat account.

If you are having difficulty to delete or deactivate Snapchat account from the app, you can follow this link, and use your credentials to deactivate and delete it.

If you want to recover the account, you just need to log in with the same account and password. After a few seconds, you will get an email that your account has been reactivated. However do remember, you can keep activate and deactivate snapchat account quickly. The system may prevent you from deactivating again if you just activate your account.

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