How to download torrents files on Android Smartphone

torrent download in android

Need to download something in a hurry? A peer-to-peer network is a perfect solution, but how to do that on Android? In this article, we are explaining the steps to download torrents files on Android.

Downloading large files in the torrent format on the Android phone is a completely legal method. If you are downloading files which do not infringe copyrights, then you should not get into any trouble.

Warning: “We are not responsible for any issues caused by this process. So do it on your own risk.” 

BitTorrent is not Illegal

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) networking system. It makes downloading and sharing easy. Instead of everyone downloading a single file from a remote server, P2P networking does it via sharing. So if you have part of the file which is already downloaded, I can get it from you, and vice versa.

And yes, although most torrent sites serve copyrighted data, the illegality comes in downloading pirated content and that we also do not entertain. The actual BitTorrent P2P technology is legal and is wider than you can expect. Here in this article, we will learn how to download torrents files on Android

Steps to legally download Torrent files in Android phone

To initiate a download there is a reference file or a magnet link that will generate a metadata of the torrent file that you want to download. It can then connect to other hosts and downloads the file part by part.

1] Download BitTorrent app from Play store.

2] Download your torrent file or use a magnet link that will directly download in the phone.

3] Launch the app and navigate to the source where the file is downloaded. It is usually in the download folder.

5] Select the .torrent file that you want to download. It should automatically add the file to the BitTorrent client.  The download will start once it has connected to a decent number of peers.

torrent download in android

That’s it, It’s pretty simple right. So, downloading torrent files is heck easy on your Android phone or PC. But make sure you are downloading legal files only.

A great population of people still uses Torrent clients for transferring pirated files and movies. It definitely comes under illegal activity and it is a criminal offense. Also, most of the torrent files you find online contain malware and other unwanted adware that can harm your device. So always make sure you download legal files from original sources when you download torrents files on Android Smartphone.

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