How to fix lost GPS signal in Google Maps

For experiencing an uninterrupted GPS service on your mobile devices, you must have a robust data connection. If the connection is poor, and your phone keeps saying GPS signal lost. you can have a hard time getting a GPS signal on Google Maps. Here’s how you can fix lost GPS signal in Google Maps.

How to fix lost GPS signal in Google Maps

GPS depends on a lot of things. Telecom towers, GPS hardware on the phone, network coverage, and so on. Sometimes, even if you have full coverage, location services turned on, and even then the GPS signal lost on Android when the screen is off. If you are wondering Why do I lose GPS signal, then it could be because of settings.

  1. Set GPS to high accuracy
  2. Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth
  3. Run Google Maps in the background
  4. Run GPS Status tool
  5. Clear Google Maps data

I am sure these methods will help you resolve the problem with Google Maps GPS Signal Lost issue.

1] Set GPS to High Accuracy

This helps in achieving an excellent initial GPS lock. So, to enable fast startup and high-accuracy position estimates,

  • Go to Settings and choose ‘Location’.
  • Next, click on ‘Mode’ and select the ‘High accuracy’ option.

Note: This option is only available with Android OS. On iPhone, the iOS manages to boost Signal strength of GPS hardware when needed. After this, you phone will not keep loosing GPS signal.

2] Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth

Keep WiFi and Bluetooth turned on always also helps in improving the GPS accuracy. Your device can connect to open networks and help in finding location.

  • Open Google Maps and select the menu bar.
  • Select settings > Location Accuracy Tips
  • Allow it to use Wifi to improve location accuracy.

With Wifi turned on, Google Maps can figure out your location by sending nearby Wifi. That way, Google Maps will not keep losing gps signal.

3] Make sure Google Maps can run in Background

If the GPS signal is lost when you lock the phone, it means that Google Maps is not able to run in the background. Depending on which phone you use, allow Google Maps to run in the background.

One of my friend asked me why does his Google Maps keep saying GPS signal lost, this solved his problem.

4] Download, install and Run GPS Status and Toolbox App (iOS) and GPS Connected (Android)

“GPS Status” help to increase your GPS accuracy even further and help your phone find a GPS satellite faster. The App will also Diagnose your GPS sensor and tell you if it’s working. It should help to fix Google Maps.

The app has one shortcoming – You cannot access the setting window to configure the Apps to your needs. The app is primarily built to work on the iPad.

GPS Connected, on the other hand, locks your GPS signal. It makes sure that the signal is not lost when you are moving around apps, such as maps, navigation or geocaching. All that app requires to function smoothly is GPS feature enabled on your device.

5] Clear Data & Uninstall Updates

  • Before proceeding any further, log out of Google Maps app on the mobile device.
  • Next, go to Settings and select Accounts.
  • Switch to Google and choose the Google account linked to the Google Maps app.
  • Click the ‘Menu’ visible as three dots arranged vertically and choose ‘Remove account’ option.
  • After that, restart your mobile device and navigate to ‘Settings.’
  • Select ‘Apps’ > ‘All’ and then, Google Maps app. Find the option that says ‘Clear data and uninstall updates.’
  • When found, choose the option.
  • Now, restart your mobile device, navigate to Google Play Store and search for Google Maps app. Choose ‘install the updates.’
  • Add your Google Account again.

These tips will make sure to improve your GPS accuracy by the right margin. Sometimes basic options are turned off in our phone which results in these issues. Let us know if these tips on fix lost GPS signal worked for you, and if you have any further advice, share with us in the comments. I hope you nevber say— How do i fix my lost gps signal?

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