How to fix the Black Dot Unicode bug on iPhone or iPad

fix the Black Dot Unicode bug on iPhone or iPad

Earlier smartphones used the ASCII method to encode and decode the characters and input methods. But with the recent changes, smartphones used the Unicode method. It supports thousands of characters and executes them accordingly. Even though it brings good, it is easier to exploit its possibilities. One of the recent examples is the popular “hang message” touting around the WhatsApp groups and personal chats. One such bug that has recently surfaced is the Black Dot. Today, we are talking about how to fix the Black Dot Unicode bug on iPhone or iPad.

Note: Previously, an alphabet from Indian language “Kannada” crashed every iPhone. It is easier to find the cause and get rid of these kinds of messages as they all have similar nature.

What is Black Dot Unicode bug on iPhone or iPad

One of them, which made much irritation to the users, comes with a black dot saying no to touch it While touching the black dot within the message, the iPhone or iPad crash instantly. This has affected many iPhone and iPad users.

How to fix the Black Dot Unicode bug on iPhone or iPad

The crash messages spreading through the WhatsApp can also receive through Messages or Email. Either way, it can crash the entire system and make the smartphone unstable. Even the most powerful Apple iPhone X could not withstand the crash message bug.

Most do not get the trick behind this message. Well, the message executes the Unicode characters contained in the messages. You would be able to find the “black dot” in the message, asked not to touch. That is why we call it Black Dot bug. The reality is, there nothing mysterious with the black dot. It is only a normal black dot emoji from the WhatsApp emoji listing. Pay attention to the white space near to the dot. It is where it all begins.

What is the trick behind the message?

fix the Black Dot Unicode bug on iPhone or iPad

As we went through the source code of the crash message, the blank space returned an unusual control string used in HTML. It is structured using the HTML code “‎” which is an empty string. The LRM or Left-to-right mark is a Unicode aligns the characters accordingly in a text with a mixture of left-to-right and right-to-left style characters. For example, you would need to use ‎ if you write English and Arabic mixed. The small space contains hundreds of same string repeatedly added. While you touch the black dot, the execution of the LRM string can begin suddenly. Usually, smartphones take a little longer to execute the entire hundreds of special control strings. This is ONLY WHY your iPhone or iPad hangs while touching the message.

How to fix the ‘Black Dot’ Unicode bug?

Here are some quick tips how you can get out of the situation which the message hangs the phones entirely.

  • Force quit Messages/WhatsApp.
  • Use a force touch gesture (3D Touch) to select “New Message” and then suddenly navigate back to get out of the conversation.
  • Ask Siri to send messages continuously to the person or group that you received the bug message. When the message disappears from the screen, the device will work normally.
  • Delete the bug message at any cost.
  • Clear the entire conversations.
  • Go to WhatsApp web and delete the message from there.
  • If someone sends the bug message as SMS, go to any other iCloud synced device of yours and delete the text from that device without opening it.

There is no permanent fix for this issue. And please note that it is not just a bug and will not have a fix from the Apple. The same problem persists in every smartphone.

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