How to listen to Audiobooks on Android


Audiobooks have never been much popular as the typical books these days. They provide the sweep of your favorite books as audio files, which you can listen to from anywhere. It enables you to go through the books while driving along, during work hours and even before going to sleep without holding even an actual book. In this guide, we are listing some popular ways you can use to listen to Audiobooks on Android.

Best tools to listen to Audiobooks on Android

Earlier, audiobooks were only available as recorded cassettes or CDs lately, which in fact was difficult to carry and hear everywhere. Now with the evolution of an era where we substitute everything with smartphones, convenience to listen to Audiobooks on Android has also become much comfortable.

You can walk into the fantastic world of stories, novels, and other literary works just using your smartphone and a pair of earphones. Many creators and services provide a lot of apps that you can opt for. Choose any one of the best that suits your need from below. You can avail the services for paid or by free, and we classify them both below.

Audiobooks from Audible

Audible, owned by Amazon, is considered the largest Audiobook collection available online today. The paid premium service by Amazon is available on Android smartphones. You can download the apps and signup to get a first 30-day free trial of Audible.

As the service is linked to the Amazon Inc., you can enter by signing using your Amazon account. For the first month, you will be received with a free membership along with a free book. The first audiobook is free, but you have to pay for each book that you purchase further.

Audiobooks service lets you  listen to Audiobooks on Android

After the trial period, you can purchase any of the premium plans available to read books and get exclusive offers or features. The Gold Membership costs US$14.95 monthly, while the Platinum membership costs US$22.95. Afterall, you need to purchase audiobooks individually. Typically, an Audiobook may seem expensive than the e-book version of the same book, but it does worth it.


Audio Books by Audiobooks

The Audio Books app by comes with a large collection of audio books, precisely more than 100,000 audiobook collection. Alike Audible, you can get 30-days of free-trial before the purchase. An Audiobook would be completely free to listen during this period.

Afterward, you can purchase the base plan for US$14.95 per month, which will give you credit for one book per month. The app is available for both Android and iOS, offering many unique features like cloud sync and intelligent restart. You can get the app for free from corresponding apps markets.

Audiobooks premium lets you listen to Audiobooks service lets you  listen to Audiobooks on Android


How to get Audiobooks for free

Well, you might be bummed by seeing above list if you were looking for a free service to listen to Audiobooks. Several apps provide you with audiobooks at free of cost, violating no copyrights. So, you would not get every book that you wish to listen. Although, you can opt this method if you want to listen to audiobooks for free, and not wanting to listen to every book you wish. Here are some of the popular free apps available for Audiobooks.

  • Free Audiobooks
  • LibriVox Audio Books Free
  • Smart Audiobook Player

Do you listen to audiobooks? Which is your preferred audiobook service or app?

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