How to easily make a podcast on Android phones


Listening to your favorite podcast is one of the most interesting things, rather than watching a set of videos on the Youtube. You must be listening to many podcast episodes, series, and infotainment channels online through your smartphones. However, have you ever thought of creating one? Well, making podcasts became much easier than ever before. You can even generate series of podcasts and stream them across the music streaming platforms for free. All you need is a smartphone and a working internet connection. In this guide, we will share how to make a podcast on Android phones.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file published on the web, available to hear from certain platforms. Unlike Youtube videos, Podcasts only need your ears. So, using podcasts to get information, news, entertainment would be time-saving, as you can hear to them while working too.

There are multiple tools and apps available for you to record podcasts with your android smartphone. However, we found an app named Anchor as the best podcast recording app in the store. So we created a tutorial on how to make a podcast on Android phones with Anchor app. In addition to podcast making, this app can work as a podcast host as well, means you will be able to promote your podcasts within the app by using its subscription system.

How to make a podcast on Android phones with ‘Anchor’ App.

“Anchor” is one of the most growing podcasting apps available for Android. It stands out from other apps because of its features. You can listen to any podcasts and publish your podcasts to start a  podcast radio show using this app. Anchor comes with a simple user interface, much easier to understand the entire working. As even being the free platform for the podcast publishing, there is still no single ads.

Anchor lets you make a podcast on Android phones

  1. Download and install Anchor on your Android smartphone from Google Play Store.
  2. Sign up and set up your profile. This will attract more listeners to your podcast.
  3. At the middle button “Record,” you can start recording by tapping the “Paddle Lock” or “Microphone” icon.
  4. Press and hold the Microphone icon and start speaking. The podcast will be recorded.
  5. You can add transitions, sound effects, and songs in between your recording to make them much interactive.
  6. Tap on “Done”
  7. Choose the name for your recording and add it to an episode (or create a new one).

Anchor lets you make a podcast on Android phones

Now, your podcast will be uploaded to the cloud. Surprisingly, the Anchor offers the integration with many popular streaming platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Music, Spotify, Overcast and Pocket Casts.

Download Link. 

Apart from the “Anchor,” there are specific apps available that you can use to publish your podcasts online. Find Podbean, SoundCloud, and Castbox in the Google Play Store.

The App runs based on the community. Here is a list of community features:

  • Ask your listeners to send you voice messages, which even you can add or publish directly as your podcast.
  • The “cohost” feature adds another host to your podcast to record along with you. Well, you can even create a radio station of yours.

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