How to make money through your Apps

Mobile applications have become the norm for all of us. A fact that is underlined by a mind-boggling 178.1 billion apps being downloaded in 2017 worldwide. The most popular apps being gaming apps which include anything from Flow Free by Big Duck Games to Royal Vegas casino games. Recently, money-making apps are getting more common by the day, with the number of them rising on the iOS and Android market continually on the rise.

However, not all of them are or will go on to be a success. There’s a need for strategy and tactics to ensure a money-making app hits the heights, and we have some sound advice for everyone looking to be successful in this area.

One of the first things is that the app should be for free. It must be free to download and install. Otherwise, it will get left behind. Even the most popular apps on the market, which have already established themselves, are free. When you consider 96% of apps in the Google Play Store and 90.3% on the App Store are free, and with around 5% of users keen on paying for apps, it makes sense to make the app free.

As money-making apps are on the rise, the sector is becoming somewhat diluted with a lot of apps doing the same thing. Therefore, strategy and tactics must be put in place to drive popularity, as this will also help the free app to become profitable. Ideally, these applications should have multiple ways for users to make money. Rather than just sticking to offering surveys, there should be a range of options, as this would attract a broader audience.

A proven route to success recently has been making a money-making app more like a game. Everyone loves playing games on their smartphones, and if they can make you some extra cash, even better. Therefore, an app which makes users embark on adventures such as heading to shops to price check, for example, gives the incentive to keep coming back for more. This can only be a good thing, for both user and developer.

For developers, there are multiple ways to make a free game profitable once they have many people playing. One of the first, of course, is to include advertisements. Ads are a standard route to market for app developers and companies in the modern era, but rather than offer intrusive and annoying commercials, targeted ads could be used, which would deliver an all-round better experience, and one which is less of a hassle. There’s always the option for users to be offered an ad-free version of the app too, for a small extra cost, which could prove popular also.

It’s also common for money making apps to have set daily limits. So, for example, a user may only be able to complete X amount of surveys a day, or they may only be able to watch a handful of videos. However, this is again, an area which can be used to make an app profitable, as perks could be offered to increase the daily limits in place. A small extra charge could be applied, which wouldn’t impact the user’s earnings but would see the developer earn a bit back.