How to make videos on TikTok

make videos on TikTok

Snapchat is famous for its range of interactive filters, is popular for its lip-syncing gimmick. What if you get the best of both the worlds in a single App?? A micro-vlogging app TikTok promises all of this. It’s a fusion of the two and one-stop solution for short-form mobile video. The app lets you make your own awesome videos by capturing funny and memorable moments to share with the world. Here’s a tutorial explaining to you how to make videos on Tiktok.

how to make videos on Tiktok

Create your own videos on TikTok

1] If you haven’t installed the app yet. Download and install it.

2] Once you have installed the app on your Smartphone, launch the app and tap the white ‘Plus’ sign at the center of its interface.

3] When you do so, you will be directed to an interface to log in the app before you have complete access to it. Here, you can sign up for the service or log in with a social networking account you have.

4] Upon adding the social networking account and signing in, click the ‘Plus’ sign again.

5] When prompted, allow access to the camera and hit the ‘Ok’ button. Also, allow access to the microphone.

6] Now, to select a song for your video, tap ‘Pick a sound’ button visible at the top of the smartphone screen.

7] Look at the TikTok’s library to find a song you would like to add to your video.

8] Tap the song you just chose moments ago to make ‘Shoot with this sound’ button visible.

9] If you would like to adjust the point where music would start, use the scissors icon. Then, slide the music track to a point where you want your music to start, when recording.

10] Tap the checkmark to save the changes.

11] Choose the speed of your video. This will set the speed of your video while you are recording it.

12] Enable your device’s camera. You can switch between your device’s front or rear camera by tapping on the circle of arrows. Tap and hold the ‘Camera’ button to start recording. To stop recording, simply lift your finger from the Camera icon.

13] Tap the colored dots visible at the bottom to browse the video filters. Tap a filter to see what it looks like on your video.

14] Click the clock icon to see other filters. Add some of them if you want.

15] If all looks good, the video should be ready to share with the online world. So, choose the ‘Next’ button.

16] Add a caption and tag your friends in the post by adding @ to your friends’ name or other TikTok usernames. If required, you can share your post to other social media accounts like Twitter.

17] When you are ready to share your post on your TikTok profile, tap ‘Post’ and wait for few seconds to allow the video to upload.

That’s all it takes to create a TikTok post. Please note that Tik Tok is not just restricted to your mobile phones. You can even edit videos from your laptops (Windows/Mac) and upload them.


Tiktok Privacy Settings

Lastly, if privacy is something that concerns you about such platforms, you can change and view privacy settings, follow these steps.

1] Tap the Profile icon on the bottom tab. Then, choose the three-dot icon at the top-right corner.

2] From the list of options displayed under ‘Privacy and Settings’, select ‘Privacy and Safety’.

3] When taken to the ‘Privacy and Safety’ screen, tap on ‘Who Can Download My Video’. By default, three options are offered –

  • Everyone
  • Friends
  • Off

4] Here, note that if you have a private profile, this setting will be off by default, and no one can download your video. You can change other privacy settings here to allow select people or all to message you or comment on your videos.

Thus, within a few simple steps, you can take your videos to the next level, add special effects filters, fun stickers, music, and more. Also, TikTok quickly adapts to your taste to offer the most relevant, interesting, fun, videos that you’ll never want to stop watching. There’s a personalized video feed specifically for you based on what you watch, like, and share! Download for iOS & Android

If you have any more tips to share with us on this post, add them in the comments section below.

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