How to Make Your Desktop PC Look Cool

For those who are extremely bored with their PC desktop setup at home or in their office, perhaps it’s just about time to change things up a bit. We’ve compiled a list of pointers that you can apply for a cooler, sleeker, funner setup. And anyone can do this. Just a few purchases and changes and the job is done. 

There’s no need for overpriced accessories or tech, but we’re not stopping those who can afford it. With the help of our advice, even the blandest-looking setup can look like the inside of a spaceship in a matter of days. Or weeks, depending on how good delivery services are in your area.

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Moving on, here are our pointers on how to make any PC look cool: 

Changing Background Pictures 

This one is self-explanatory. Visit any imageboard online that provides wallpapers like Unsplash, or just fire up your search engine. For Windows users, there’s a ‘changing background’ option in their display settings. The computer will automatically change the picture of your background every 10,15 minutes to an hour. It depends on what the user wants.

Invest In a Brilliant PC Desktop-Set

The most obvious way to have a cool-looking desktop is to buy a cool-looking desktop. This is not going to be the cheapest option, but for those who are ready to level up their computer ware, there’s a lot of amazing options in the market.

Alienware desktops provide one of the most aesthetically pleasing, game-optimized, and very cool-looking desktops in the market right now. A good product example is Alienware’s Aurora Desktop, it shines a green-blue light, and runs on 11th Gen Intel Core. It’s more or less $3000, so it’s quite the investment, but it’s worth getting for those who can afford it.

Decor, Decor, Decor! 

Even for those who don’t have an extremely pricey and fancy setup, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a pimped-out space. Listen, you just need to fire up those creativity neurons. Get some LED lights, get some cool tech accessories! Examples of products that anyone can find on Amazon:

  • Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe LED Desk Lamp ($39)
  • LED Strip Lights (Around $20)
  • Galaxy Projector (Around $45)

And there are so many more options online, so there are limitless possibilities. Having a cool PC desktop setup doesn’t necessarily mean having the most expensive computer. The space should serve to make you feel inspired, creative, and at ease. Have fun in the process of decorating.

Desktop Stickers

Why not opt to put a few stickers on your desktop to customize it? Stickers can be found anywhere. Our best advice is to get stickers from brands that you already support. Desktop owners can get stickers from fashion brands that they like.

And if that doesn’t work, owners can find custom stickers by searching them up on Google, or any other search engine. There are tons of options. One or two cool stickers can add extra spice to your setup. Just don’t get tacky ones.

Headphone Stand

Airpods, earbuds, and all of that are cool, but having a pair of wireless headphones with a headphone stand can make your desktop pc setup look elegant and smashing. On top of that, the desktop area will look cleaner and more organized than it ever did before. 

Invest in some headphone stands and clean up the clutter!

Rainmeter Skins

Download Rainmeter and get software that enables Windows users to customize their desktop in the most unique, beautiful, and coolest way! Rainmeter provides numerous skins that can be customized and gives user-friendly instructions on how to set it up. No need to be a tech wizard.

There’s a lot of tutorials online on platforms like Youtube, for those who need extra help in setting it up, so don’t shy away from them. Rainmeter can level up your pc desktop setup. If you’re looking for something beautiful, we recommend this one.

Declutter Desktop Icons 

An easily overlooked but efficient way to get your desktop pc setup looking cooler and better is to organize the desktop icons. For Windows users, icons can get pretty stacked up and cluttered. It’s easy enough to move them around by mouse, but users can also put them in folders if there are too many of them.

For minimalists, just have a few icons on your desktop and hide the rest in a folder. Users can also create docks for different types of files and programs. There are even programs that can help organize a desktop. There’s one called ‘Fences’. Try it out.

Purchasing A Cool Mousepad

Simple changes like getting a better mouse pad can instantly make your setup way cooler. Don’t want a boring and standard mousepad? We’ve got your back. The QCK Prism Cloth lights up in the dark gives users a multicolor LED setup in seconds. 

QCK mousepad has lights woven into its cloth from the side, and it just looks magnificent. Any setup would look killer with this mousepad. It comes in different sizes as well, with an XL option that pads your keyboard as well as your mouse. It costs around $30-40, which isn’t bad for what you get. We highly recommend getting it.

Final Thoughts

Some people love the look of a clean and simple setup, but for those who want to jazz it up then we hope this article will help achieve that goal. No need to go overboard, just pick a few pointers and see what’s good for you. 

Life’s too short to not switch it up, and for those who spend a lot of time with their computers, making it feel like home, and making it look awesome at the same time, is as good as any other investment you could make! Besides, the products we’ve recommended are not too overpriced. Happy hunting.