How to read free EBooks on Android phone

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Paperback books are now replaced with eBooks and Audiobooks. Initially, the ebooks were only available to read using special ebook readers, or even they were considered as the best devices to read. Nowadays, people more often seem to avoid buying ebook readers for specific, and instead, they opt with Android smartphones or iPhones. In this guide, we will share how you can read free EBooks on Android phone. 

Apps to read free EBooks on Android phone

You can easily download, and read any ebooks available online from your smartphone. For this, you either need any of the specific apps available, or you can get them in standard formats like PDF or Doc. Either way, you can get a lot of free ebooks. Here are some of the best ways that you can get more than a million popular ebooks online, read them anywhere. You can purchase the books to support the authors, instead of promoting cyberpiracy.

Google Play Books

Google provides a quick method to access to millions of ebooks published online. You can download the Google Play Books app from Google Play Store. Like the most other apps provided by Google, the app comes with a materialistic design interface, having an abundant amount of features and options available. Using the Google Play Books app on Android, you can download and utilize ebooks and audiobooks.

Google play books lets you read free EBooks on Android phone

For gettings ebook for free, you can Open the app, and on the top listing, you can see several categories listed. Among them, tap on “Top Free.” Now, you will be redirected to Google Play Store, showing a list of free ebook or audiobooks available. Select any books and download it to read later.

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Amazon Kindle

As you all know, Amazon Kindle is a platform by the Internet giant for purchasing ebooks. Apart from paid ebooks, you can also get the free ebooks on the app. Furthermore, they provide a complimentary free ebook for new users. You can either purchase ebooks by cash or get the free ones if you were looking for free ebooks. There is a Lite version of the app available on the Play Store come with lesser, but clean features. From the Amazon Kindle Lite too, you could grab free ebooks.

Ebook reader lets you read free EBooks on Android phone

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Wattpad Free Books

Wattpad is a community of ebooks readers. You can connect with the bibliophiles around the globe, ask for better books and get them for free. The app comes with millions of ebooks downloadable online. Moreover, the Wattpad gives you the opportunity to write and publish your novels, which will be available for free. You can get the app from Google Play Store.

Read free EBooks on Android phone

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You can choose any of the above ebook apps to read ebooks for free using your Android smartphone. In addition to them, you can find free ebooks from the web by searching it in Google. Ebooks have great importance in today’s world as we are moving to a more paperless era. It has its special benefits too. Many of the latest ebooks come with additional bonuses.

So, if you are purchasing a good ebook, you will get more value for your money. But if you really can’t invest in purchasing them, use any of the above methods to read for free.

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