How to Record complete Android Mobile Activity

How to Record complete Android Mobile Activity

Do you want a service which always records your complete activity on mobile? Are you looking for recording your call data during important calls? Do you want to see recent activity on the android phone because you handed over to someone else? In this post, we share how to record complete Android mobile activity.

Snooper: Record complete Android Mobile Activity

The app named Snooper is capable of doing all these, along with extra features also. You can even record your smartphone activity, just to keep it as a proof of what you were doing. You can use the same for monitoring the children’s smartphones or tablets if you are a parent.

One of the most important features is that you can control it using a remote smartphone. You only need an internet connection to execute the commands on tracking smartphone, to retrieve or send the data. Here is how you can record all of the smartphone activity using Snooper App.

More about Snooper App

The Snooper is a complete smartphone tracking app, that can retrieve the entire data including call logs, messages, activities, and everything. The users can also know where the smartphone is located accurately. The app needs to be installed in the tracked smartphone, which will be running in the background hidden. Moreover, the users could not be able to uninstall the app at any mean. So, you can ensure that the app remains and you will be able to track the smartphone data.

You can make use if the Snooper if you are a parent. Most of the parents worry about providing their children with smartphones and Tablet PCs. But with this app, you can give them devices without worrying. The dashboard will update the entire information regarding the child’s smartphone usage. The same can be used in an organization to monitor the employees’ movements. The work phone with snooper installed provides much better security.

Snooper Features

You can also share the smartphone activities within a time frame if necessary. It also enables you to track down your phones if they got stolen. You can remotely lock and wipe the entire device remotely. Here is how you can track and record the complete activity of an Android smartphone.

How to record complete Android phone activity

The Snooper app needs a setup on both the user and target smartphones separately. It is quite simple, and here is how you can do it. The app is not a free service to use, so you need to purchase a subscription plan. Although, you will get a 14 days trial for the personal usage.

Snooper Client Dashboard

  • Purchase an appropriate plan from Snooper official website.
  • After payment verification, head to your mailbox and check for the mail from Snooper.
  • Open the link and get the installation instructions for the Snooper. As the app is not available to download from Google Play Store, you need to grab the independent APKs from their website.
  • Please note that you need to access the smartphone to install it, as it is completely spyware. Start installing.
  • Then you will have to create a password for your app, to prevent uninstallation. Once it’s done, you have to start using the app, and it will automatically start tracking all your Mobile activity.
  • It will score all the activities on the smartphone and sent to the remote server. You can access the data from the dashboard using any smartphone or PC.
  • Using this App, you can now track all details and activities along with to that of call logs, messages, music you heard, the places you went, photos which you have been taking.

You can also control the smartphone, over a fast internet connection. You can also quickly remove the device to stop tracking all your activities. There are hardly any free app which can record complete Android Mobile Activity, so its better to use this one when needed.

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