How to Recruit an International Tech Talent in 6 Easy Steps

Competition for technical talents is as fierce as it has never been. Before the pandemic period, technical specialists of different backgrounds were in high demand. After it, they become even more valuable. Every industry needs tech talents, not only in the IT field.

Starting with the best paper writers for students and ending with customer support managers, tech specialists are needed everywhere.

Different companies try to widen hiring pools by all means. Talented people may compete with experienced professionals in the modern job market. It is necessary to compete for talents to survive on the market. We present the necessary steps that you should take to score a tech talent.


Before actively engaging in the tech talent search, you need to prepare the background of your company. It implies reviewing and rearranging the company’s culture. You should change the management approach and development strategy. Modern job seekers have high freedom in choosing workplaces for their liking. If your enterprise fails to meet the standards, many good potential employees may leave.

Make sure to follow the next steps. 

Commit to Diversity and Inclusion 

This step implies attracting more people with various backgrounds into your company. It does not mean that you have to hire each candidate. It means that there are plenty of talented young people that can prove themselves in offered positions.

Prior experience and education may serve well. At the same time, many people can fit the same position. IT bootcamps or startups may serve as a good place for searching for new tech talents. Job positions may have special tests to determine the necessary qualifications. If an applicant meets the demands, they will become a valuable addition to your team. 

Make Senior Management Open to Employees 

Open and accountable leadership is a sign of a strong company. If new employees know that they can communicate with their seniors directly, they will feel included in the bigger process. Ask Me Anything (AMA) conference sessions are a great tool for building connections within the team. They will contribute to the unity within the company.

Senior management’s direct overseeing and participation in the work process is fruitful as well. Seeing the presence of seniors brings more confidence to employees and enhances their performance. Yet, this presence should not be limiting or oppressive. 

Invest in the Culture of Coaching and Development 

Many bright people may fill in the necessary tech positions. Even so, there would still be a lack of knowledge and experience, despite the fact of immense talent. Therefore, the company’s strategy should be wired around growing the specialists within.

Training people inside your company is a long-term investment that will have a huge payoff in the future. Specialists trained within your company will be tailored to complete specific tasks. At the same time, they will have an overall high level of qualification.

The preparation steps do not happen in an instant. It is a long, resource-consuming process. However, if you dedicate yourself to it, you will be more flexible than your rivals in the job market. Once you have prepared the ground, it is time to look for tech talents.


The most convenient way to look for new employees is to apply for a recruitment agency. There are such international recruitment agencies as:

  • Manpower;
  • CTG;
  • Raines International;
  • Resource International, etc.

And others. These firms scout for the most promising talents. They provide companies with complete and detailed lists of potential employees.

Follow the next steps to prepare your job position for international recruitment. 

Prepare Your Job Description 

The position description should be in English mandatory. You may provide a double description in your local language as well. Yet, English description increases the chances of finding the necessary people quicker.

Describe all the necessary information. You should include the company’s field of business, goals, and tasks related to the position. Add the requirements to the position and benefits that your company may provide. 

Familiarize Your Candidate With Corporate Culture

It would be wise to know your employee better before engaging in full-fledged cooperation. Preliminary communication may greatly contribute to mutual understanding. Ask for employee’s job examples or any sort of credits. Interview them for their values and aspirations.

You may evaluate an employee’s personal qualities first hand. At the same time, an applicant can learn about your company’s culture and values. It is an important step since both of you are committing to long-term professional relationships. 

Prepare a Relocation Plan For an Overseas Employee

There is a high chance that your perfect candidate will come from another country or even another part of the world. Long trips are always challenging and tiresome tasks. Therefore, if you have at least a basic relocation plan for a foreign employee, it would be a huge plus for your company.

The basic plan includes help with travel and settlement. This may be costly. However, providing your position with such benefits will contribute to your employee’s loyalty. Besides, foreign specialists will likely choose your position over the offerings of your competitors. 


Hunting for tech talent is a complex task. Modern conditions of the job market make the competition incredibly fierce. Nevertheless, there are profitable tricks that will help you succeed in this competition.

You should build the strategy of development around diversity and inclusivity. Raising talents within the corporation is another beneficial vector of development. Hiring talented people will allow you to close the necessary gap quickly. Training within the company will help create the specialists you need.

To achieve such results, you need to create competitive positions. In addition, you should enhance them with transparent executive management. Apply for an international recruitment firm and be ready to greet a specialist from another country. All these steps are a long-term investment in your company’s prosperity.