How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card on iTunes Store

Redeem iTunes Gift Card on iTunes Store

You get many tech gift cards if you are in a tech-savvy friends network. These gifts cards are like prepaid cards with which you can make a purchase. Like any other online store, Apple offers iTunes Gift card. However, iTunes gift cards are different from the Apple Store gift cards and have the same function on specific places. This article guides you to redeem your iTunes gift card on iTunes store for your digital purchases.

What is iTunes Gift card and Where can I use it?

As mentioned above, iTunes gift cards and the Apple store gift cards are different services with different working platform. You can use your iTunes gift card to purchase any of the digital products from Apple, which includes apps, songs, and e-books at any of the Apple digital store applications, which include the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books Store, and Mac App Store.

You can’t use the iTunes gift card to purchase any of the Apple products at the Apple store; it is for the digital purchases only. Now you can redeem the iTunes gift card on your Apple ID to add it as the balance. You can use the balance to make purchases for digital products. Your iTunes balance will appear on the Wallet app in your iPhone device.

Redeem iTunes Gift Card on iTunes Store

How to redeem the iTunes gift card on iTunes store

As mentioned above, you can redeem your gift card at any of the digital stores, including iTunes store, App store, etc. In this article, we are explaining how to redeem the gift card at your iTunes store on your iPhone. Follow the steps carefully and redeem it.

  1. Open the iTunes app on your iPhone or iPad device.
  2. Once you are in the app, scroll down to the bottom to find a button named Redeem.
  3. Tap on the redeem button and use your camera to scan the gift card. If you want, you can manually type in the gift card code.
  4. If you prefer to enter it manually, tap on the Redeem button in the top right corner.

Done! You have successfully redeemed your gift card at the iTunes store to use it for your future purchases. Use it for buying the premium apps, games, music, movies, and many more interesting things.

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