How to resize multiple images on MacBook OS X

Most of the MacBook users deal with images every day. If I set my example, I take multiple screenshots, and need to resize them for specific width, and then use it at the place I want. I do that every day and a multiple numbers of times. Now imagine the time I had to put in if I do it one by one. And not forget, I  rename them too. In this post, I am going to share how you can quickly resize multiple images on MacBook OS X, and also color correct them together.

How to resize multiple images on MacBook OS X

OS X comes with a Preview App which is basically an image viewer but it can do more than that. It allows you to resize images, color correct, add shapes, mark things on the image, and so on.

  • Make sure to copy all your images into one folder. This makes sure you select the right files, and also reduces the clutter you have on your desktop and download folders.
  • Select all the files or the ones you need using the command button.
  • Now right click on them, and select Open with Preview
  • You will notice that Preview will have two sections. One that lists all the files, and second which shows the file which is selected.
  • Select all the files from the left bar.
  • Now in the menu of the Preview, go to Tools > Adjust Size

Resize Multiple Images on MacBook OS X

  • There is also a predefined list of sizes from which you can select or go Custom.
  • Here you can enter the required size. The default setting is “Scale Proportionally”. It means if you change width, the height will adjust automatically.
  • Use the command button + S to save and then close it.

In a similar way, if you choose Tools > Adjust Colour when every file is selected, it will apply the color correction for all of them.

How to revert back to Orignal Image Size:

If you realize that you made a mistake after saving the image, you can revert back to the previous size.

  • Select the file and right click.
  • Then select Revert To and then Browse All Versions
  • Select a previous version of the image to which you would like to revert.
  • This works only when your images are in Macbook OS storage, and not on external storage.

The Preview tool also offers you to do many other things.

  • It includes an option to resize based on resolution(pixels/inch).
  • Shows change in image size, and percentage.
  • You can crop images using selection tool.
  • Add Text and Object overlay.
  • Draw lines and many other things.

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