How to set up video calling on Facebook

set up video calling on Facebook

Started as a typical social media, Facebook has now reached the maximum, as it could become one of the best and most used chatting platforms. Initially, the facebook only allowed the users to text message each other, while other platforms including Skype had audio and video call options. Later, the company integrated the Skype with the Facebook and enabled the video calls to the Facebook platform. Here is how you can set up a video call in Facebook.

How to set up video calling on Facebook

Earlier with facebook, there was a setup page to initialize and enable the video call. You needed to visit a particular page that allows making video calls. Also, the other user is necessary to set up the video call integration. After enabling, you could be able to make video calls from the PC Web browser.

But now, the methods have changed a lot, and you can make video calls within few clicks. Apart from the Facebook chat screen, the company also introduced a standalone app, as well as website named “Messenger.” Check out the following methods to find out how well you can connect with your friends on facebook through Video calls.

Setup Video Calling on PC

If you are using a computer, you can visit both the Facebook and messenger to make video calls. The same is available on both the platforms. Here is how you can setup video call right from the Facebook web.

  • Open on your PC web browser and log in using your credentials.
  • Tap on “Turn on Active Status” if it is off, to see your active friends. Whoever you see with a green dot beside the name is currently active on Facebook, for your information.
  • Select any of your friends, and you can see the floating chat box at the bottom.
  • Click on Video Camera icon. It will open a new popup page, where you will have to allow the Microphone and Web camera usage access to the facebook.
  • You can hang up and close the window anytime.

Messenger Video Call Window

If you are using the Messenger( web, follow these methods.

  • Open Messenger on your browser window.
  • Log in with Facebook.
  • Choose your contacts from the left panel.
  • Click on the Video chat icon at the top right corner.
  • Similar to the Facebook Web, a popup window will appear and start making video calls. You also need to provide hardware permissions.

Make Video call using Messenger Web

Setup Video Calling on Mobile

Unlike using PC, the Facebook has concentrated its users on the standalone app that has no inbuilt chat option. You need to install the Messenger app separately, in case you want to start making video calls, or even calls or text someone. Here are the complete methods to setup Facebook/Messenger video call on Android and iOS.

Make Video Calls in Messenger for Android and iOS

  • Download and Install Facebook Messenger app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Log in with your Facebook account.
  • Tap on one of the contacts or search for someone who you would like to video chat with.
  • After opening the chat session, tap on the video call icon at the top. This will dial a call for you.
  • In messenger app, there are many filters, stickers and visual effects that you can use to enhance the video calling.

Hope now you understand how we can set up the video calling feature in Facebook and Messenger.

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