How to unlock an Android phone if you forgot PIN

Because of the massive userbase of the Android operating system, Google keeps on adding more security to its platform. With the growth of user base, the data theft and smartphone-related criminal activities also increased. So the latest versions of the Android operating system comes with a lot of security options such as passcodes, fingerprint authentication, face unlocks, pattern etc. So, you will not be able to unlock an Android phone if you forgot PIN.

How to unlock an Android phone if you forgot PIN

Many of the busy dudes forget their passcodes to access the phone. In such cases, they get locked out of the phone instantly. Most of the base level users get panic after this, and they take it to the local service center. Not only they charge a really good amount to change the software on your phone, the process also deletes your personal data as well.

So before you visit a service center, just follow the steps below to recover your device. There are few easy methods to access your phone when you forget the passcode.

Android Device Manager

Google is well aware of all these issues. So they created an excellent tool named Android Device Manager. This tool helps you control your Android smartphone associated with your Google account. It can be used to find lost phones as well. It has several other features such as remote lock, remote data format etc.

unlock an Android phone if you forgot PIN

Follow the steps carefully to recover your passcode

  1. Open Android Device Manager in your web browser.
  2. Log in to the service with your existing Google account.
  3. Now it will show a list of devices connected to that account. Select your locked device from the list.
  4. Then click on the Lock button. It will now lock the phone instantly.
  5. It will now show a new window to enter your new passcode. Once entered, it will replace the old passcode with the newer one.
  6. It will also replace the fingerprint or any other lock method to the new one.

Samsung ‘Find My Mobile’ Service

If you are using a Samsung smartphone, you got lucky. Samsung offers their own dedicated app for finding your lost phone. However, it can also be used for resetting your passcode. You need to set up this service on your Samsung smartphone before trying it. Samsung Find My Mobile unlock an Android phone if you forgot PIN

Similar to the Google’s device manager, you have an option named ‘Lock my screen’. Tap on it and use the new passcode. Access Samsung find my mobile portal.

Final solution – Factory reset

Sometimes these above steps may not work for you. They require internet connection and connectivity options. If you can’t unlock your phone with the above solutions, try the last and ultimate resolution. You can reset your smartphone to factory settings using physical buttons.

Android system recovery

This method formats the internal storage space of your smartphone, so use it only if you have backed up all critical data to somewhere else. The factory reset settings in the locked condition vary on different devices. However, using your physical buttons, enter the bootloader of your smartphone. Most of the smartphones use Volume Up and Power button as the bootloader command. So try it and then open the recovery mode.

Once you are in the recovery mode, find an option named as “Wipe data/factory reset”. Use that option to reset your smartphone to factory settings. It might ask you to enter your Google account credentials to authorize the reset process.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any kind of data loss and device malfunctions. Try these steps at your own risk. This article is for educational purpose only.

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