How to use a third-party Password Manager in iPhone with iOS 12

third-party Password Manager in iPhone with iOS 12

After Google introduced third-party password manager integration into its Android system, it was believed that Apple could soon follow the trend. Fast forward five months, we see this belief materializing. Yes, the new AutoFill feature introduced in iOS 12 supports compatibility with third-party Password Manager in iPhone with iOS 12.

The move from Apple also opens new password management possibilities. Users can enable auto-filling of stored usernames and passwords in Safari and third-party apps, using

  1. Face ID
  2. Touch ID

This will save both, time and efforts as users will spend a lot less time spent in trying to copy and paste logins and other credentials.

How to manage your passwords with third-party Password Manager in iPhone with iOS 12

After you’ve updated to iOS 12, download the latest version of a Password Manager. Following Passwords Manager seamlessly integrates with iOS 12’s Password Autofill through an API.

  1. Dashlane
  2. 1Password
  3. LastPass
  4. Keeper

So, to start with,

  • Download Dashlane Password Manager from the App Store and set up your free Dashlane account if you’re a new user.
  • When done, go to Settings, scroll down to locate ‘Passwords and Accounts’ section.

Password And Accounts Settings iPhone

  • Choose ‘Password and Accounts’ section and select ‘AutoFill Passwords’ option.

Enable AutoFill Passwords in iPhone

  • Slide the Toggle to ‘on’ position and then enable filling from Dashlane. (It is advisable to deselect iCloud Keychain if you have already enabled Dashlane)

Select Third-Party Password Manager

  • Hereafter, Dashlane or for that matter, any other password Manager enabled will serve up your stored credentials instantly in iOS’s QuickType bar in apps and Safari.
  • Simply visit a website or open an app. If your Phone supports Face ID/Touch ID you will be allowed to unlock the corners of your digital life, instantly.

This added capability makes it far better to manage passwords rather than remembering or scribbling them down in a book, there’s one limitation that you might come across while using these managers. What’s that? If you are using two password managers on your iOS device at the same time, Apple will allow only one to be trusted with AutoFill.

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