How to use Cloudflare DNS App on Android and iOS

Cloudflare DNS Apps

Cloudflare DNS launched in April 2018, and it is without a doubt among the fastest public DNS resolver in the world. Good News is that you can now start to use Cloudflare DNS App on Android and iOS both. It makes sure that when you are browsing the internet, you get to access them much faster, download apps faster and so on.

If DNS sounds new to you, then it’s Domain Name resolver which converts website name to IP address. If resolution time is much lower, you get to the website or anything on the internet much faster.

How to use Cloudflare DNS App on Android and iOS

It’s not that the internet doesn’t work on your mobile or over WiFi network, but DNS resolution is not same for all. Apart from this, ISPs and Public Access can track all your browsing history. Cloudflare resolves these problems as well.

  • encrypts your DNS queries, making sure your ISPs cannot sell your DNS data.
  • 28% faster resolution compared to others.

That said, when you will install the app on your Android or iOS, it will install VPN profile. Also, if you are using any other VPN apps, your device will not work. So make sure you have disabled any VPN on your phone.

  • Install the app from here for Android and here for iOS.
  • When you launch the app, you will be prompted for permission to install the VPN profile.
  • Post that, you will get a Toggle button which lets you quickly switch between Cloudflare DNS and your ISP / WIFI / Mobile network DNS.

When you toggle on, you will get to see a key on the top which means you are using a VPN.

Configure Cloudflare DNS App on Android and iOS

While there is no serious configuration, you can see some advanced options and details. Click on the menu icon (three lines) under the toggle button, and then select Advanced. Here you get to see:

Cloudflare DNS Toggle

  1. Encryption: Choose between TLS and HTTPS
  2. In Status, you can see the connectivity test, Debug information, and device information.
  3. You can also choose to send bug reports by keeping “Attach console logs” toggle.

Its very impressive to see how easy the implimentation is through the app and not only the data is secure, but also it’s much faster!

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