How to use Google Keep in Everyday Life

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Google Keep, now renamed as ‘Keep Notes’ is available for Android since the early 2013’s. I was using it for quite a few years. But now in 2018, it has evolved a lot. Now it seems like a nightmare to even think of a day without Keep as it is an essential part of my life. This article discusses everything to use Google Keep in Everyday Life.

Google Keep is really an awesome online service. It gets synced in real time meaning I can type anything on the phone that I want to remember. And halfway, I can continue it on my work PC too. It is just amazing seeing the smooth transition. Keep gets my day organized. It has some of my to-achieve lists and goals and also some extremely important logins that I want to keep safe. They are available with me every time whenever I ever need it in a glance. Here is everything you should know about Google Keep,

Google Keep: More than just a note-taking app

The best part about Keep is its simplicity, it’s just as noting down something and finding quick lists later on. Keep also helps to get an organized list of places in a city for all my holiday trips. Keep also has the ability to dictate notes by voice. It can attach a few images and stickers to the notes. Also, it lets you pin those important notes to the front as well as an archive option to u know. You can archive your notes also to get checkbox style lists. The best thing that separates Keep from other not keeping app is the simplicity of the UI. It just has the perfect basic things and never messes up with the experience.

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The next thing about Keep is the universal access, Keep doesn’t need any desktop software or anything, it stays in the cloud and is always there at your disposal whenever u need it. Also, as it’s a Google product. I get the same security as any google services. That includes Two-Factor authentication and whatnot. Then the next thing is that I can easily share a to-do list with my co-worker or a friend and they can do their contribution on it as well…! Which makes total sense when it’s about a work that you too do together or just a basic grocery shopping list.

Next thing is the integration with the Google ecosystem. I mean like I can do a note and get it reminded for me through my mail or through the Google Assistant, on a specific time, date or when I am at a certain location (say at a shop maybe) It’s a grace that it’ll brush up brain and not to forget something I really wouldn’t want to otherwise.

How to use Google Keep in Everyday Life

 A ‘find’ option within the notes

It essentially gives you an option to find a specific word or phrase within an individual note, which is definitely different from punching in a word in the search box and finding every note in which the said term appears.

The Ability to pin notes on the top

By default, Keep organizes the notes into cards that appear in the order they were created. While obviously you can drag and drop notes to re-organize them still that might not be convenient every time. So, for an important note pining them will keep them at the top in a special place where they have the attention they deserve.

The ability to view and edit notes from Drive

Given the fact that Keep and Docs are meant to be worked with closely, It is a great feature that you can pull up notes from the Drive itself as it improves the productivity part of the app. Even we don’t know why this hasn’t been rolled out even its 2018, five years past the official debut on their Twitter channel. That is one disappointment.

The ability to dictate with our voice and letting Google do the write-ups

Now we can just dictate whatever we wanna keep in notes and then Keep will automatically convert it into words as save it as a note. This is very handy when we use Google Home to keep a shopping list and have it sent to our phone so that a lot of tedious typing is eased out.


Rounding up, Keep is essentially a compelling note-keeping app from Google. For someone with a basic note-taking need can find it very useful. The best part is that the whole UI is so clean that anyone can get started on it very easily. The universal access makes it even better. With auto sync facility and native integration within the Google services, it becomes more productive. To me, this is the best basic note keeping app I’ve ever come across. What about you?

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