How VersaDesk integrates fitness into your daily busy work routine

VersaDesk has become a very popular company with its futuristic range of products. The company focuses on improving our life in this busy modern era. Their products help you improve your productivity at work with different visionary functions. Power Lift standing desk system and the Seated desk cycle from the VersaDesk are built for improving your productivity and fitness, respectively.

VersaDesk Power Lift Standing Desk System

VersaDesk has a great range of products for office employees and full time working people. Their featured product power lift standing desk system is basically a Power Pro Sit-to-Stand Desk Riser with all the quality and innovations of an all-in-one desk. It comes with the latest advanced technology with the aim to better the lives of the user. In addition to the ease of use, it is a programmable standing desk system too.

The VersaDesk Power Lift standing desk lets you customize your work desk in the way you want, giving you the full control. You can easily adjust the height of the desk without many efforts. The built-in cable management system is really useful and avoids a messy workspace. In addition to all these, you get a whiteboard desk surface for all your writing stuff as a bonus feature. It comes with a one-touch control dashboard with height adjustments and elevation adjustments. It supports several attachments and holders too, which you can buy separately to improve your experience even further.

Features of VersaDesk Power Lift standing desk system

  1. It comes with a programmable height control (up to 32 height settings) for your convenience. With the solid frameset, the height adjustment is really smooth easy.
  2. The adjustable desk promotes ergonomics, and it is proven to help with back and neck pain, increase circulation, and improve productivity.
  3. It can lift up to 300 pounds of office equipment, including Monitor, CPU, Printer, etc. You don’t have to worry about the breakage or anything as it is super strong to handle all this weight.
  4. The electromagnetic linear actuator system runs on 12 volts and is very powerful. Being a powerful device, it is one of the most energy efficient products in the category.
  5. The support of additional mounts and holders make this standing desk the best in the market. This desk comes with pre-drilled 2″ grommet holes (the 48-inch option only has one grommet hole). You can use multiple screens and devices at a time.

Seated Desk Cycle

VersaDesk has several innovative products to change our work style and experience. The seated desk cycle is one of the most popular products for lazy office staffs, like every one of us. We are all living in a very busy and tight time schedules with a hell load of work. This lack of time causes our bellies to grow more and make us look ugly. Fitness is a big issue when you are working for a full-time office based company, especially for IT-based jobs. The VersaDesk Seated Desk Cycle is what you need to stay fit while working for at the office.

You can now work and exercise at the same time without hitting the gymnasium or any fitness club. The seated desk cycle is designed for burning calories while at work. Its slim and portable design lets the user to easily carry it and set up at the desired location without many efforts. With the quiet operation mechanism of the cycle, the product lets you pedal quietly at your office space without disturbing the colleagues.

Features of VersaDesk Seated Desk Cycle

  1. You can easily adjust the tension of the cycle to choose the pedalling effort and workout intensity.
  2. The padded seat and the back support lets you sit comfortably while at work without worrying about the back pain.
  3. It features the adjustable pedal straps to secure your feet in place while you pedal the cycle.
  4. You can easily adjust the height of the VersaDesk seated desk cycle without many efforts, makes your pedalling more comfortable.
  5. It has several other features such as speed tracking, distance tracking, the time elapsed, and the calories burned with the built-in interactive display.
  6. You can choose to pedal backwards and forward without any issues.
  7. The cycle is portable and foldable, and you can easily carry it to different locations.

You can purchase any of the above products from VersaDesk to improve your life at work. You can use the code GEEK10VSD at the time of check-out and get flat 10% discount on your purchase. These products increase your productivity with innovative features and futuristic technology.

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