HTML5 Tutorial 1: Introduction to HTML 5

HTML5 is a web designing language structure that allows you design beautiful webpages with ease. It was originally presented by Opera Software. HTML5 is the fifth version of HTML which still remains under development. The new features of HTML allows you to easily create desired webpages where you can insert the latest multimedia features and the canvas.

HTML5 has come up with lots of new and interesting features and its support has been showed by many of the popular web browser, specially Opera Web Browser. Like the previous versions of HTML, HTML5 is also written in text format and is also saved in “.html” or “.htm” format. There are lots of new elements and new features in HTML5, that you would learn in this tutorial series. So lets get started.

New rules

Now that we have discussed something about features, lets know something about new rules to be taken care of in HTML5:

  • New features to be based on HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript
  • Should be device independent
  • The development to be visible to public

Take care of rules, rules are not meant to be broken. HTML5 might introduce some more rules as it is now developing condition.

Getting Started

Like previous versions of HTML, HTML5 is also started with the HTML tag but there is one line to be inserted before HTML tag that is

 <!DOCTYPE html>

So just have a look at a basic example for HTML5

<!DOCTYPE html>
 <title>Title for your page</title>

 The content goes here...


In the above example you saw a basic structure for HTML5, in HTML5 the above used tags are necessary in a document. There are lots of new tags, as told earlier, some of the tags are supported by browsers, but some of them are not. But if you really want to grab all the features of HTML5 then you just need to download Opera Browser, as it supports most of the new HTML5 features.

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