How to install iOS 5 on your compatible iPhone, iPod, iPad device

Its already 12th October and iOS 5 along with iCloud will be soon publicly release. Last day Apple brought all new stable release of iTunes 10.5 which gets the iOS 5 and iCloud support.

For Indians iOS 5 will be available to update from iTunes and IPSW after 10.30pm (IST) 

Before updating to all new version make sure you have kept everything ready with you, to start with you will need to download iTunes 10.5 right for Apple’s website and Install it.

Devices supporting iOS 5

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4 CDMA
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPod Touch 3G
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • iPod Touch 5G
  • iPad 1
  • iPad 2

There wont be any issue of updating on iPod Touch and iPad (except jailbreaking) but iPhone owners using non-factory unlocked device will loose their UNLOCK.

Installing iOS 5 on non-jailbreaked device

If your device is not jailbreaked you can easily go for iOS 5 since you won’t be having issue of loosing the jailbreak. Just follow these steps and get iOS 5 on your device,

iTunes method

1. Connect your device to iTunes.

2. You will be prompt for ‘Software update’, download it and iTunes will automatically install it.

3. Done!

IPSW method

1. Download iOS 5 IPSW from Apple Server only and keep it in on desktop.

2. Connect your device to iTunes.

3. You will be prompt for ‘Software update’, Ignore it.

4. Backup your device using iTunes.

5. Switch of your device and without disconnecting it for iTunes press ‘Home button’ + ‘Power button’ at the same time.

6. After 10seconds release the ‘Power button’ but keep holding ‘Home button’ and you will get a message from iTunes saying, ‘Your device is in recovery mode’.

7. Now go to your device menu in iTunes and press ‘SHIFT’ key and click on ‘Update’. It will ask you to browse the location of IPSW.

8. Select your device IPSW which you have kept on desktop and hit open.

9. iTunes will automatically do all the require tasks and install iOS 5 on your device.

10. Once it is done, you’ll be asked to set up your device.

If you want you can choose ‘Set up as new device’ but this will completely erase everything from your device. OR choose ‘Set up from Backup’ and select the recent backup that you took before updating.

11. Done! enjoy iOS 5

Installing iOS 5 on a jailbreaked device

NOTE: Continuing with the update, you will loose your existing jailbreak on your device and will have wait till the jailbreak supporting iOS 5 is out.

1. Follow the IPSW method of updating a non jailbreaked device upto step no. 10.

2. Choose ‘Set up as new device’. I highly recommend this because it wont create any mess with your previously cracked apps.

3. You’ll loose everything (photos and apps) as music, videos and purchases are syncable from your iTunes library.

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