Keep your Facebook account safe with Login Notifications on Mobile

Keep Your Facebook account safe

People are mostly concerned about their social media accounts and related credentials security. So, everyone prefers checking the social accounts at least once in a while just to know they are safe. One of the largest social media platforms, Facebook has the most number of users. Like you, every other people will be worried about the security of their account. There are several ways and measures that Facebook itself provides the users to ensure the security and privacy. One of the most helpful is the login notification so that you will get notified whenever someone logs in to your Facebook account unauthorisedly. Here is how to keep your Facebook account safe.

Tips to Keep Your Facebook account safe & Secure

Here are some of the essential tips to check with your account. You need to follow at least these suggestions to make sure your Facebook account is not getting on to someone else’s hands.

  • Keep sure that your email is verified with your Facebook Account. If not you may have a chance of losing your Account.
  • Provide the correct information about yourself. It will help you to recover your facebook account using the original validation.
  • Change the privacy settings of your posts. Follow the steps. Go to Settings > Privacy > Change the visibility mode of your public posts.
  • Do not log in to your Facebook account using insecure public Wi-Fi or public computers in Internet Cafes.
  • Verify your mobile with your Facebook Account.

You can also follow some other methods to provide extra security to your Facebook account.

Get Facebook login notifications on your mobile

With the following method, you can get the login notifications for your facebook account on your smartphone. Whenever someone tries to login or access your account, you will get notifications with complete details. Here is how you can enable it.

Login notifications

  • Go to Facebook and log in with your details.
  • Go to Settings > Security and Login.
  • Scroll down the window and click on “Edit” button near to ” Get alerts about unrecognized logins.”
  • Choose the methods you want to receive the notification when someone logins to your Facebook account. Currently, you can enable notification SMS, Messenger, Facebook notification and email.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Similar to Google, the facebook also has the 2FA, aka two-factor authentication facility. You will have to enter the OTP every time you log in to the account. It is one of the safest ways to keep the hijackers at bay. Follow the steps.

Two Factor Authentication on Facebook

  • Open Facebook and go to Settings.
  • Click on Security and log in.
  • Scroll down and stop by Two-factor authentication. You can either turn it on or off. You can get the notification with the OTP every time someone tries to sign in, even you.

If you click on the “Authorized Devices” section just below, you will also get the devices that are authorized to login without the OTP. Scrolling little more down, you will see the option to see and remove the devices where your Facebook account is active currently.

Hope the article might help to keep your Facebook Account Safe, and secure. Spread the words!

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