List and comparison of top 10 Web based e-mail service providers

top 10 Web Based e-mail service providers

With the development of the internet, the e-mailing era emerged and transformed the definition of communication to all. Now, you can reach your desired inbox within a second all around the globe. In this post, we have a list and comparison of the top 10 Web Based e-mail service providers.

List and comparison of top 10 Web Based e-mail service providers

The growing popularity of email service was nurtured by many free e-mail service providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, and Rediffmail, etc. Some of them still exist, many new ones developed and some of them lost popularity and usability with time.


Gmail is Google’s treasure. It has fantastic features like 15 Gb storage and supports attachment up to 20 MB. Gmail offers excellent chatting option, but one major thing is the option of arranging messages in folders is missing in Gmail. It works very fast, but occasional hiccups do take place. Gmail has quality pop- in and pop- out features. According to me, Gmail is the best web-based e-mail service so far.

I have two e-mail accounts – one in Yahoo! and the other in Gmail. If you ask me which one is my favorite, I’ll choose Gmail because of its fast and better attachment option and other impressive features. I have found the experience of attaching large files in Gmail more quickly than in Yahoo!. I failed to attach large files in Yahoo! on any occasion. My Yahoo! account just stopped responding sometimes. It’s very frustrating and time-consuming too.


Outlook offers faster & feature rich interface and 15 GB storage for users. It allows users to customize their mailboxes with different and catchy themes too. It provides:

  • Bill pay reminders
  • Suggested event locations and meeting rooms
  • Multiple time zones
  • Meeting RSVP tracking and forwarding
  • Show organization directory details
  • Proxy support and more.

Inbox is a trusted e-mail service that provides

  • 8GB to 1TB of Storage
  • Large Attachments up to 20 MB
  • Fast Web & Mail Search
  • Simple Folder Management
  • Spam & Virus Protection
  • POP3 & SMTP Access
  • Keep Your Messages in Context
  • and Easy to use.

The main negative aspect of Inbox is that it requires credit cards from users for proper verification. It often creates a spot of bother on users’ minds.  It’s a fact that Inbox’s appeal is limited to a particular section of people. However, it doesn’t mean that Inbox is technically not sounding, but somehow, it failed to create a generalized appeal to users like Yahoo or Gmail.

Lycos Mail

The USP of Lycos Mail is its extensive attachment facility. It lets you use aliases to protect your identity but lacks IMAP support to allow you access your account on various devices. At its best, it offers sufficient email features for a personal account.

AIM Mail

It’s an e-mail service for AOL. Aim Mail offers unlimited storage space, easy interface and quality spam protection. It has good IMAP access but has low productivity.  But overall features of AIM Mail are quite impressive.

Mail2 World

The mail2 world is a free web-based e-mail service with unlimited storage, simple set up and user-friendly interface. It’s the first e-mail service that offers integrated translation program to help users to communicate better. So language is not a barrier to Mail2world users.

Zoho Mail

Zoho is for professionals. It has excellent IMAP access and quality storage space. Zoho offers first-class mail arranging facilities too. As I mentioned above, Zoho is originally for professional use; it also lacks the simplified approach.

While choosing an email provider, don’t go by claims. Give priority to your likings and convenience. That’s the best way to go ahead. Remember, usability and functionality matter more than anything.

Which email service provider do you prefer to use?

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