How to listen FM Radio on Android Smartphones

listen to Radio on Android

Technologies have improved, all latest smartphones come with built-in hardware for all kind of connectivity options including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, and mobile data. However, most of the smartphones don’t just have the option to use FM radio to listen to our favorite radio stations. Here is how to listen FM Radio on Android smartphones.

That said, there are 3 possible ways to listen to the radio on Android smartphones. In many phones, manufacturers often include the hardware chip for the radio to work. At the same time, many other devices come with no proper hardware to capture the radio signals. But in some other cases, various carriers disable the functionality of the FM radio hardware to force users to use more mobile data.

Apps to Listen to FM Radio on Android Devices

We discovered many ways to listen to FM radio in Android smartphones and tablets. However, we have sorted out them based on their work and use. Check them out:


This app is exclusively designed for all Android devices which have the radio hardware built-in but do not come with a stock app to tune in to the FM. As I mentioned above, many devices come with the required hardware chips, but the carrier disables it to increase their data consumption. This app won’t work in such cases. Check this list for all the supported devices and carriers. 


The setup process for this app is very easy for everyone. If your device has supported hardware, you’ll be able to tune in on live FM broadcasts.

Spirit FM

This app is useful if the NextRadio app is not supporting your device. In that case, your device may not have an FM tuner chip inside. Don’t worry, Spirit FM is an app that can use your device’s existing receiver chips to tune to FM frequencies, but only if your phone is running AOSP firmware like CyanogenMod or Stock Android. That means you will need to have a rooted Android phone to use this app.


This app costs $6.99 at the Play store and you can buy it with a 30-days refund policy. This app is more complicated than the NextRadio app and we don’t recommend it for all users. You can get official support from the developers here.

Other third-party online FM apps

This is your last option. If all of the above solutions not working, you can depend on this solution only. This requires no extra effort and you just need a good internet connection. Remember, it consumes your data and be aware of that before trying out.

Listen to radio in Android

There are many online Radio apps available at Google Play store. These apps stream the radio over the internet and you can experience uninterrupted radio entertainments. Some of the best apps are TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, etc.


I hope you are satisfied with the above solutions. Do let us know in the comments if you got any other app suggestions to listen to FM Radio on Android.

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