How to lock and password protect access to BlackBerry PlayBook

playbook password

It is always advisable to use a lock- password for your BlackBerry PlayBook when it is not in use. Doing so will forbid any unknown or unidentified individual from checking your data and will keep the contents safe.

playbook password

Acquaint yourself with the following steps to setup a Lock-password for your BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet,

Step1- Assuming your tablet is in the Sleep-mode swipe from the top frame to the bottom frame to switch it on. Now, tap the Settings icon on the right-top, adjacent to the battery-power indicator.

playbook password

Step2- Choose the ‘Security’ menu under ‘Settings’ which will suggest you to setup a ‘Password’ that will control access to your device.

playbook password

Step3- Tap the ‘ON’ button to confirm the Password enabling.

playbook password

Step4- In the new ‘Set Password’ window that will open up; enter the desired password in the ‘New Password’ field. Re-type the password in ‘Confirm Password’ field and tap the ‘OK’ button.

Step5- Now select the ‘Lock After’ time by tapping on drop down arrow and choosing the desired time limit.

playbook password

If you are of the view that the existing password is difficult for you to remember then change the password. Always choose a password that is easy for you to remember but harder for others to guess. Enter the new password by tapping on the ‘Change Password’ button and typing in a new password.

This is how you can add and set a lock-password to add extra security to your BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet.

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