Download Government of India ‘M-Kavach’ Security Solution for Android Devices

The Government of India has newly launched ‘M-Kavach’, a free security solution for Android devices. It is a security application developed by C-DAC Hyderabad, for safeguarding the financial transactions carried out on the Android devices. You can Download M-Kavach security app for Android right now.

Download M-Kavach security app for Android

Let us take a look at the features of M-Kavach for Android app:

  1. M-Kavach mainly addresses the threats linked to improper use of resources of a mobile device such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, etc. It stops the unauthorized access to these resources.
  2. It safeguards the device against JavaScript Malware.
  3. Users will also be able to restrict the access to certain apps such as mobile wallets, social media apps and more if they feel the need.
  4. Even several unnecessary communication can be stopped by blocking unwanted calls & SMS.
  5. It also facilitates the users in tracking SIM changes on the device in case of device loss/theft and permits remote wiping of contacts & call logs using SMS.
  6. The app has an option to backup and restores your device easily.
  7. M-Kavach also allows to remotely execute a factory reset of the device using SMS.

Download M-Kavach security app for Android 

  • Compatibility: M-Kavach App works well with the Android devices with version 4 and above.
  • Price:  This is a finest antivirus Android app offering all exceptional features for free of cost. Also, it doesn’t contain any ads.
  • Download:  You can download this Android Antivirus from Google Play store  or from the official website of CDAC 
  • Size  The app size of the M-Kavach is 7.0MB and after installation, it would occupy 16.41MB of your device storage space.

Download and Install M-Kavach app to keep you safe and protected in this cyber world.

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